About us - Grants Management Office (former Post-Contract Office)

The Grants Management Office manages the following tasks:

  • Financial reporting of EU, US and Sida projects.
  • Collaborate closely with the Grants and Innovation Office to facilitate an efficient and effective administration of EU, US and Sida funded projects.
  • Monitor grants and perform budget follow-ups to ensure that the types of expenditures are consistent with the approved project and budget.
  • Support in the process of contractual changes in existing agreements.
  • Provide advice and support on the day-to-day running of EU, US and Sida funded projects.
  • Coordinate audits and reviews by the external auditors.
  • Control compliance with the contractual obligations towards the European Commission, Sida and NIH related to grant contracts signed by KI.

Grants Management Office

E-mail: post-contract@ki.se
Address: Karolinska Institutet
Grants Management Office
171 77 Solna
Visiting address: Nobels väg 15A

Post-Contract team

Head of unit  
Eva Björndal Team Leader
Senior Financial Manager  
Evelyn Göransson Senior EU/IMI Financial Manager
Janet Jeppsson Senior Financial Manager
EU/US/Sida Financial Manager  
Beatriz Berbegal  EU Financial Manager
Maria Berglöf Stridh  EU Financial Manager - parental leave
Daniel Bergvall     EU Financial Manager
Cecilia Byström EU Financial Manager
Rasa Cikanaviciute-Hernandez EU Financial Manager
Anna-Karin Consoli EU Financial Manager
Ewelina Kurczynska EU Financial Manager
Anna Hansson EU Financial Manager - parental leave
Ylva Hultman  EU/IMI Financial Manager
Emma Jacobsen EU Financial Manager
Ida Kettley EU Financial Manager - parental leave
Raja Marhri EU Financial Manager
Maud Kårebrand EU Financial Manager
Mira Lindner EU Financial Manager
Myroslav (Mira) Protsiv EU Financial Manager
Lisbeth Löfstrand EU Financial Manager
George Papathanasiou EU Financial Manager