4. Decision and reception

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When appointing a new manager, there must be some cooperation before you make a decision on who should be employed. For other recruitment, cooperation takes place in the form of a local cooperation agreement.

Negotiation of terms of employment

The negotiation of employment conditions shall be governed by the KI salary policy.

Employment decision

It is important to know that an oral agreement is binding. As a representative of the employer, you must therefore be careful not to make any promises regarding employment or salary in a way that the candidate could perceive as a promise or an agreement.

When it is clear who will be offered the post, you must write a decision on employment (in Swedish). The decision must be posted on the digital notice board which is in the reception in Aula Medica on Nobels väg 6, Solna. You upload the decision in Varbi and it will then be visible on the digital notice board.

Employment decisions for postgraduate students

A decision is not made on admission to postgraduate education for doctoral students until after the admissions seminar. The admissions seminar may take place directly after recruitment when a candidate is appointed to a place, or several months later. The decision cannot be appealed. 


It is possible to appeal against a decision regarding employment at a state authority. In such cases, an appeal must be lodged no later than three weeks after the date on which the decision was posted on the notice board.  For this reason it is best if the start date of employment is after the appeal period. It is only applicants who are not offered a post that can appeal against the decision. Information about this is given in the employment decision that is posted on the notice board in Aula Medica.  

Feedback to other applicants

When the employment decision is posted, contact the other applicants as soon as possible. Those who you interviewed should be given verbal feedback. You then notify all applicants through Varbi or in another suitable way.

It is important that all the applicants receive the standardised KI No thank you e-mail.  As it is sent from a state authority, the message must contain certain information, including the phrase “The employment decision is posted on the notice board at Nobels väg 6, Solna.”

Employment contract

The contract is drawn up in two copies. One copy is kept by the HR department at KI and one copy is kept by the new employee. The contract must be drawn up before the employee starts working.

Archiving and registration

The case can be archived after the deadline for an appeal has expired. When the recruitment case is archived in Varbi, a direct transfer is made to the Register. Start from the list of documents to archive:

  • Recruitment documents such as needs analysis, requirements profile, financing
  • Advertisement
  • List of advertising places
  • Applications including attachments
  • Decision on employment
  • Application from those employed
  • Appeal, if any
  • Withdrawal of application, if any
  • Other correspondence, if any
  • Service notes, if any

The decision on who is employed and their application documents are archived forever. Other application documents are removed after two years.

Registering via Varbi

  Documents that are automatically transferred from Varbi to the Register Information that is automatically transferred from Varbi to Register Information that is not registered but which may be archived with the case for two years, through Varbi
1 Advertisement (Requirements Spec)  List of other applicants Any service notes that have influenced the outcome of the recruitment case 
2 Application for the person employed, incl. attachments, diplomas/certificates Withdrawal of application  
3 Appointment decision    


The recruitment process

1. Preparations prior to recruitment
2. Publishing and advertising
3. Selection and interview
4. Decision and reception