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To maintain a strong position in a research field over time, it is important to work out mechanisms that safeguard constant renewal in the field, both with regard to technology and by fostering a new generation of scientists.

Karolinska Institutet has been successful in developing a healthy “demographic” profile in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, i.e. having leading expertise at all levels of seniority, ranging from the most senior to the junior levels, where scientists start to build their own research groups. This is a result of several factors, including dedicated efforts by Karolinska Institutet to foster and mentor the scientists in the early phases of the careers and the provision of special funding to the most promising young individuals, so that they can rapidly build internationally competitive research groups.

KI has a career coaching system through its Junior Faculty initiative, and has also developed a career system of tenure track model, which assures that successful young scientists can progress through the academic system to tenured positions. These initiatives are important for the Young Investigator System, but also for other young group leaders in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. As a measure of the success of this career system, and its ability to attract talent at the junior level, KI has been able to recruit several young group leaders with high-level international experience and cutting-edge technologies of immediate relevance to stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

StratRegen has also developed a system for career coaching at an even earlier career stage when PhD students from Karolinska Institutet enter the postdoc stage.

Young Investigator Program

Karolinska Institutet has recruited several leading senior scientists in areas relevant to stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, and is actively engaged in further senior recruitment efforts, for example in the areas of muscle diseases and hematopoiesis. To complement these efforts, there is a Young Investigator Program, where five successful candidates will be provided with five-year internationally competitive funding packages to pursue independent research lines and to be able to rapidly build up internationally competitive research groups.

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