The XVth KICancer Retreat 2016


Registration for The Fifteenth Annual KICancer Retreat is now open.

Register online here


The retreat takes place Monday-Tuesday September 26-27, 2016 at Djurönäset, Stockholm Archipelago


NB: Deadline for registration will be latest August 10, 2016  or earlier if all the 210 open slots are taken. 30 slots are for specially invited (NatiOn-school, master students, DKFZ PhDs, Tokyo University, invited speakers). So first come, first served. Register now if you want to be sure about a slot!
NB: Deadline for ”oral” and/or poster abstracts is  August 10, 2016. All those who plan to present a poster, or want to give an oral presentation, have to submit an abstract latest August 10.

Who can attend the retreat?

The retreat is open for all KI students, post-docs and supervisors with an interest in cancer research and in the KICancer-network program, its current and future activities.


The program will include key note lectures and presentations of exciting re­search projects in cancer biology, clinical cancer research, cancer care research and cancer epidemiology, poster sessions etc.

Poster or Talk/Oral presentation?

Everyone is encouraged to present a poster or to apply for a slot for a short talk (10 minutes).

Posters: Size 80 x150 cm portrait. Abstracts for  “oral” and poster to be submit­ted to no later than August 10, 2016. Use the at­tached template.

Oral presentations: Abstracts (max one page) to be submitted to not later than August 10, 2016.

How to pay for the Retreat

A registration fee of SEK 800:- will be charged which cover part of costs for housing (students have to share room) and meals including also bus transport from the Cityterminal to Djurönäset and back. The remaining costs are sub-sidized by the PhD-program FoTO and by StratCan. You can pay be credit card (and maybe get reimbursed from your group and its grants) or by receiving an invoice. If you have secured that you can pay from a grant at your department from your group (ask your group leader) then enter the following invoice address in registration form:

Karolinska Institutet
Box 23 109
104 35 Stockholm


Professor, senior

Ingemar Ernberg

Organizational unit: Ingemar Ernberg group


The XIVth KICancer Retreat 2015

These annual retreats are open to all 700 members of the KICancer network: PhD-students, post-docs and senior PIs. On Monday-Tuesday September 28-29 221 of us met at the archipelago conference center Djurönäset 30 km from the Stockholm City Center.

Fifteen short talks by PhD-students and postdocs were intermixed with talks by invited clinical researchers from the Karolinska University Hospital on sarcomas and leukemia. Some talks are given in a special short communication style, 7 minutes each in a smaller group. KICancer tried this kind of communication form for the third time. It serves very well to bridge communication between different scientific cultures.


Poster session

Honglei Zhao from MTC won the 1st prize = SEK 10.000 sponsered by Kancera AB.
“PARP1- and CTCF- mediated interactions between active and repressed chromatin at the lamina promote oscillating transcription”

2nd prize went to Idha Kurtsdotter at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research/ Cell and Molecular Biology
“Sox5/6/21 possess tumor suppressor activity in a glioblastoma model”

3rd prize went to Vilma Rraklli at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
“The chromatin remodeler CHD5 as a determinant of differentiation and tumor suppression in the adult CNS”

Special talks were covering aspects of commercialization of discoveries and pharma-industrial aspects.

Break-out sessions in smaller groups dealt with Personalized Cancer Medicine (PCM) and reflections on PhD-program and personal skills development and also the popular activity “Meet the Scientist”.

At this meeting one key-note speakers were Olle Kallioniemi, from Helsinki, now appointed chair of our SciLife. He gave a presentation on “Individualized systems medicine for optimizing cancer treatments”. Our other key-note speaker was Matthew vander Heiden from MIT who talked about “The role of metabolism in tumor growth.

These meetings also serve the KICancer student exchange program with DKFZ, Heidelberg, as an introduction to KICancer research for our biomedicine master students and as an international conference to our Clinical Cancer Research School NatiOn.

Like 13 times earlier the meeting was largely appreciated and useful to the participants to update on what is going and to strengthen contacts and establish new ones within the KICancer Network