Lennart Nilsson - the photographer

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The award-winning photographer Lennart Nilsson is known for his pioneering macro photography in medicine. Lennart Nilsson has worked at Karolinska Institutet since 1970 and was awarded an honorary doctorate at KI in 1976. His most famous works are the film projects, "The Saga of Life" and "The Miracle of Life" and the book "A Child is Born".

Lennart Nilsson's books are published in more than thirty languages and the television series "The Miracle of Life" is one of the most viewed Swedish TV productions.

Lennart Nilsson has been a photographer and photojournalist for most renowned international picture magazines such as Life, Paris Match, National Geographic and the Swedish magazine "Se". He was the first to successfully photograph a living fetus inside the womb and has since continued to push the limits of what is possible in medical photography.

In 2012 Professor Lennart Nilsson was awarded the Karolinska Institutet Karolinska Institutet Jubilee Medal (Gold class) for his long-standing and groundbreaking contributions to the development and innovative advancement of medical photography.