Career development initiative

StratRegen provides two forms of support to junior research groups – a career advancement award, and complementary research funding.

The career advancement award provided by StratRegen is a two-year extension program for five leading junior group leaders. Complementary research funding is provided by StratRegen to three leading junior scientists that have been awarded the Junior Career Award (Juniort Forskarstöd) from the Swedish Research Council and work in the area of stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Career Advancement Awards

Complementary funding to Junior Career Awardees 

(From the Swedish Research Council.)

Junior Group Leaders

Alumni PhD students from StratRegen

  • Vanessa Lundin – PhD with Ana Teixieria, StratRegen; currently postdoc in Professor George Q. Daley’s lab, Harvard
  • Anders Mutvei – PhD with Urban Lendahl, StratRegen; currently postdoc in Professor John Blenis’ laboratory, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Maria Genander – PhD with Jonas Frisén, StratRegen; currently postdoc in Professor Eileen Fuchs’ lab, Rockefeller University



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