Research school for Drug Discovery and Development

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The purpose of the Research school for Drug Discovery and Development is to provide overall knowledge about all steps in the drug discovery and development process, with focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. The goal is to prepare students for a future career within, or in collaboration with, the pharmaceutical industry, or as entrepreneurs.

Overview DDD

The Research School in Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) will be given part-time (50%) during January to June 2015. The course will start with a mandatory two day introductory session off campus campus where we will introduce the Research school and give a brief overview of the DDD field and the Research School as a whole.

A preliminary schedule for the Research School can be found here.

The research school will consist of three modules:

Introduction to DDD – This module will be held primarily at Uppsala University and it will give you an introduction to the field of DDD. It will equip you with a working knowledge of the entire DDD process spanning from idea to launch and provide a sound base for the rest of the research school to build upon.

Themes – In the second module, a number of thematic areas will be examined focusing on crucial stages of the DDD process, with an emphasis on first in human trials. In each area, theoretical aspects will be discussed and a focus will be given to working hands on with case-based material as well as applicable tools and methods.

The following themes are currently being planned 

  1. Hit-to-Lead/Lead optimization
  2. Pre-clinical drug development
  3. Toxicology
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Translational science
  6. Clinical development
  7. Biological drugs

Note that these themes might be subject to change. 

Entrepreneurship and innovation – in this segment we will be working with some common entrepreneurial tools and methods. We will also explore entrepreneurship theory and innovation as well as commercialization possibilities. Entrepreneurship will also influence the teaching methods and learning activities during the entire course.

Internship – a 10 week (2 month) paid internship for 15 participants at a pharmaceutical/biotech company or organization. This internship will provide tools for understanding industry needs, as well as for networking and promote experience-based learning.


Adlego Biomedical AB

SciLife Lab

Uppsala Bio


Julian Gray 

Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) 

Cobra biologics 

SP Process Development 

Scandinavian Development Services


To be eligible to apply to the research school in drug discovery and development you should:

Be a registered PhD student or a post-doctoral fellow at a Swedish university within the field of medicine, chemistry, pharmacology or other equivalent or relevant areas.

You apply by sending

  • CV
  • Short (maximum 1 page) description of your current research project
  • Motivational letter (1 page)

to latest 30 September 2014

Economic Compensation

The Board of Research Education at Karolinska Institutet has decided to allocate SEK 75 000 per participating PhD from the Karolinska Institute in salary compensation for current institutions. Board of Research has made a similar decision regarding participating postdoctoral researchers from the Karolinska Institute. Both boards support may include no more than 5 students and 5 postdocs.

There will be a grant available for travel expenses and subsistence for those participants that are not from the Stockholm-Uppsala region. More information about that will be available after the admission since the size of that grant will depend on how many applicants are eligible to apply for it.


For more information:

Project manager

Madelen Lek

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 868 06
Organizational unit: Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)

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