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Ylva Köhncke

Graduate Student

Visiting address : Gävlegatan 18 A 113 30 Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery address : Gävlegatan 16 113 30 Stockholm, Sweden

About me

I am a graduate student at Aging Research Center. 


I graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin as a psychologist with a major in cognitive neuropsychology.

Research description

I investigate how leisure activities and other lifestyle factors are related to aging-related changes in cognitive performance, and to changes in the brain’s structure. I am interested in within-person changes over time and in statistical methods to analyse data from longitudinal studies, mainly using structural equation modelling.


Three-year changes in leisure activities are associated with concurrent changes in white matter microstructure and perceptual speed in individuals aged 80 years and older
Köhncke Y, Laukka Ej, Brehmer Y, Kalpouzos G, Li Tq, Fratiglioni L, et al
Neurobiology of aging 2016;41():173-86

Latent change score modeling as a method for analyzing the antidepressant effect of a psychosocial intervention in Alzheimer's disease
Werheid K, Köhncke Y, Ziegler M, Kurz A
Psychotherapy and psychosomatics 2015;84(3):159-66

Magnified effects of the COMT gene on white-matter microstructure in very old age
Papenberg G, Lövdén M, Laukka Ej, Kalpouzos G, Keller L, Graff C, et al
Brain structure & function 2015;220(5):2927-38

Changes in perceptual speed and white matter microstructure in the corticospinal tract are associated in very old age
Lövdén M, Köhncke Y, Laukka Ej, Kalpouzos G, Salami A, Li Tq, et al
NeuroImage 2014;102 Pt 2():520-30



Dissertation: Ylva Köhncke

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