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About me

I am on leave of absence from August 2016 until February 2017. Please contact my substitute Ida Rutström for any communication matter concerning the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology. 

I work with internal and external communication at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FyFa). The purpose of my role is to help the department meet its overall goals through strategic communication efforts. 

I provide support in the communications area to the Head of Department and the Head of Administration. I assist researchers and staff in various communication activities. I help my colleagues to formulate messages and to find the right communication medium to reach their intended audience.

Another important task of mine is to promote the research groups at the department and their research projects. 


  • Publish pages, news, and calendar events on and
  • Editor for and the FyFa intranet  
  • Publish websites, support with web hotels and urls 
  • Communicate news and policies from the university's administrative offices 
  • Create templates, posters, flyers 
  • Edit and format texts, proof-read texts 
  • Translate texts into English/Swedish
  • FyFa Newsletter 
  • Monitor media mentions of research at the department 
  • Contacts with members of news media 
  • Reply to email addressed to the department 
  • Calendar
  • Advertise lectures, seminars and events 
  • Announce half-time seminars and theses defences 
  • Coordinate operational plans and annual reports from the department
  • Minutes from the meetings of the FyFa Advisory council [institutionsrådet]
  • FyFa registry office and archive 

Computer systems/programs

  • Drupal – the content management system used for
  • Polopoly – the previous content management system for 
  • Wordpress – an often-used content management system for websites 
  • W3D3 – Karolinska Institutet's digital registry 
  • Profile pages on  
  • Websurvey – digital newsletters, surveys
  • Paloma – digital newsletters 
  • Indesign – layout program 
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional – interactive PDF files 
  • Search engine optimization – web page rank on Google
  • Siteimprove – quality assurance for web sites 

Additional information

I am also a staff member of the administrative unit at Comparative Medicine. My substitute is Karolina Olofsson


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