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About me

I'm a researcher at STAD, a unit within the Centre for Psychiatry Research at the Karolinska Institutet. My research is mainly focused on children having parents with substance use problems. More specifically, I'm interested in developing, evaluating and implementing digital interventions (e.g., web-based interventions) to this target group. Yet another research focus area is community-based alcohol and drug prevention interventions implemented in different arenas such as sporting events and music festivals.

Research description

Ongoing research projects

Grubbel - An online chat group intervention for 15-25 year olds having parents with substance use and/or mental health problems (

Fotboll utan Fylla - Alcohol Prevention at the Swedish Premier Football League (

STAD in Europe - Disseminating and implementing the STAD approach to alcohol prevention tailored to different countries and settings (

Psychometric evaluation of alcohol and drug screening instruments among adolescents

Alama Nightlife - Understanding the dynamics and consequences of young adult substance use patterns


Alcohol intoxication at Swedish football matches: A study using biological sampling to assess blood alcohol concentration levels among spectators
Durbeej N, Elgán Th, Jalling C, Gripenberg J
PloS one 2017;12(11):e0188284-

Collaboration between community social services and healthcare institutions: The use of a collaborative individual plan
Kallmen H, Hed A, Elgan Th

Gender-specific predictors of at-risk adolescents' hazardous alcohol use-a cohort study
Jalling C, Elgán Th, Tengström A, Birgegård A
Substance abuse treatment, prevention, and policy 2017;12(1):23-

Public opinion on alcohol consumption and intoxication at Swedish professional football events
Skoglund C, Durbeej N, Elgán Th, Gripenberg J
Substance abuse treatment, prevention, and policy 2017;12(1):21-

Alcohol prevention at sporting events: study protocol for a quasi-experimental control group study
Durbeej N, Elgán Th, Jalling C, Gripenberg J
BMC public health 2016;16():471-

A web-based group course intervention for 15-25-year-olds whose parents have substance use problems or mental illness: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Elgán Th, Kartengren N, Strandberg Ak, Ingemarson M, Hansson H, Zetterlind U, et al
BMC public health 2016;16(1):1011-

Effectiveness of a Web-Based Screening and Fully Automated Brief Motivational Intervention for Adolescent Substance Use: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Arnaud N, Baldus C, Elgán Th, De Paepe N, Tønnesen H, Csémy L, et al
Journal of medical Internet research 2016;18(5):e103-

Prevalence of children whose parents have a substance use disorder: Findings from a Swedish general population survey
Raninen J, Elgán Th, Sundin E, Ramstedt M
Scandinavian journal of public health 2016;44(1):14-7

Evaluation of support group interventions for children in troubled families: study protocol for a quasi-experimental control group study
Skerfving A, Johansson F, Elgán Th
BMC public health 2014;14():76-

Prevalence of adolescents who perceive their parents to have alcohol problems: a Swedish national survey using a web panel
Elgán Th, Leifman H
Scandinavian journal of public health 2013;41(7):680-3

Design of a Web-based individual coping and alcohol-intervention program (web-ICAIP) for children of parents with alcohol problems: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Elgan Th, Hansson H, Zetterlind U, Kartengren N, Leifman H

Measuring substance use in the club setting: a feasibility study using biochemical markers
Gripenberg-abdon J, Elgan Th, Wallin E, Shaafati M, Beck O, Andreasson S

Children of substance abusing parents: A national survey on policy and practice in Swedish schools
Elgan Th, Leifman H
HEALTH POLICY 2011;101(1):29-36

Determinants of activity in glutaredoxins: an in vitro evolved Grx1-like variant of Escherichia coli Grx3
Elgan Th, Planson Ag, Beckwith J, Guntert P, Berndt Kd

Quantifying Escherichia coli Glutaredoxin-3 Substrate Specificity Using Ligand-induced Stability
Elgan Th, Berndt Kd

Redox properties and evolution of human glutaredoxins
Sagemark J, Elgan Th, Burglin Tr, Johansson C, Holmgren A, Berndt Kd

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Swedish reports and book chapters

Hansson H, Zetterlind U, Elgán T. (2017) Alkohol & Coping - Ett webbaserat självhjälpsprogram för ungdomar vars föräldrar har alkoholproblem. Socialmedicinsk tidskrift 4:467-476

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