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Sven Pettersson


Visiting address : Nobels Väg 16 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden
Postal address : Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology (MTC), C1, Sven Pettersson group, Box 280 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery address : Nobels Väg 16 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden


Ablating the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) in CD11c+ cells perturbs intestinal epithelium development and intestinal immunity
Chng Sh, Kundu P, Dominguez-brauer C, Teo Wl, Kawajiri K, Fujii-kuriyama Y, et al
Scientific reports 2016;6():23820-

Helicobacter pylori and gut microbiota modulate energy homeostasis prior to inducing histopathological changes in mice
Khosravi Y, Bunte Rm, Chiow Kh, Tan Tl, Wong Wy, Poh Qh, et al
Gut microbes 2016;7(1):48-53

Hepatic circadian clock oscillators and nuclear receptors integrate microbiome-derived signals
Montagner A, Korecka A, Polizzi A, Lippi Y, Blum Y, Canlet C, et al
Scientific reports 2016;6():20127-

Erratum: Hepatic circadian clock oscillators and nuclear receptors integrate microbiome-derived signals
Montagner A, Korecka A, Polizzi A, Lippi Y, Blum Y, Canlet C, et al
Scientific reports 2016;6():23951-

An EphB-Abl signaling pathway is associated with intestinal tumor initiation and growth
Kundu P, Genander M, Straat K, Classon J, Ridgway Ra, Tan Eh, et al
Science translational medicine 2015;7(281):281ra44-

Helicobacter pylori infection can affect energy modulating hormones and body weight in germ free mice
Khosravi Y, Seow Sw, Amoyo Aa, Chiow Kh, Tan Tl, Wong Wy, et al
Scientific reports 2015;5():8731-

Lifestyle habits and fatigue among people with systemic lupus erythematosus and matched population controls
Pettersson S, Bostrom C, Eriksson K, Svenungsson E, Gunnarsson I, Henriksson Ew
Lupus 2015;24(9):955-65

Microbiota controls the homeostasis of glial cells in the gut lamina propria
Kabouridis Ps, Lasrado R, Mccallum S, Chng Sh, Snippert Hj, Clevers H, et al
Neuron 2015;85(2):289-95

The gut microbiota keeps enteric glial cells on the move; prospective roles of the gut epithelium and immune system
Kabouridis Ps, Lasrado R, Mccallum S, Chng Sh, Snippert Hj, Clevers H, et al
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Absence of intestinal PPARγ aggravates acute infectious colitis in mice through a lipocalin-2-dependent pathway
Kundu P, Ling Tw, Korecka A, Li Y, D'arienzo R, Bunte Rm, et al
PLoS pathogens 2014;10(1):e1003887-

Comparing the genomes of Helicobacter pylori clinical strain UM032 and mice-adapted derivatives (vol 5, pg 25, 2013)
Khosravi Y, Rehvathy V, Wee Wy, Wang S, Baybayan P, Singh S, et al

Constitutive TLR4 signalling in intestinal epithelium reduces tumor load by increasing apoptosis in APC(Min/+) mice
Li Y, Teo Wl, Low Mj, Meijer L, Sanderson I, Pettersson S, et al
Oncogene 2014;33(3):369-77

Enterococcus faecalis from healthy infants modulates inflammation through MAPK signaling pathways
Wang S, Hibberd Ml, Pettersson S, Lee Yk
PloS one 2014;9(5):e97523-

Immunology: Mammalian watchdog targets bacteria
Kundu P, Pettersson S
Nature 2014;512(7515):377-8

Metabolic tinkering by the gut microbiome: Implications for brain development and function
Selkrig J, Wong P, Zhang X, Pettersson S
Gut microbes 2014;5(3):369-80

The Crohn's Associated NOD2 3020InsC Frameshift Mutation Does Not Confer Susceptibility to Ankylosing Spondylitis (vol 29, pg, 2470, 2002)
D'amato M, Sorrentino R, Pettersson S
JOURNAL OF RHEUMATOLOGY 2014;41(1):187-187

The gut microbiota and developmental programming of the testis in mice
Al-asmakh M, Stukenborg Jb, Reda A, Anuar F, Strand Ml, Hedin L, et al
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The gut microbiota influences blood-brain barrier permeability in mice
Braniste V, Al-asmakh M, Kowal C, Anuar F, Abbaspour A, Toth M, et al
Science translational medicine 2014;6(263):263ra158-

ANGPTL4 expression induced by butyrate and rosiglitazone in human intestinal epithelial cells utilizes independent pathways
Korecka A, De Wouters T, Cultrone A, Lapaque N, Pettersson S, Dore J, et al
American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology 2013;304(11):G1025-37

ASC-associated inflammation promotes cecal tumorigenesis in aryl hydrocarbon receptor-deficient mice
Ikuta T, Kobayashi Y, Kitazawa M, Shiizaki K, Itano N, Noda T, et al
Carcinogenesis 2013;34(7):1620-7

Comparing the genomes of Helicobacter pylori clinical strain UM032 and Mice-adapted derivatives
Khosravi Y, Rehvathy V, Wee Wy, Wang S, Baybayan P, Singh S, et al
Gut pathogens 2013;5():25-

Lipocalin 2 performs contrasting, location-dependent roles in APCmin tumor initiation and progression
Reilly Pt, Teo Wl, Low Mj, Amoyo-brion Aa, Dominguez-brauer C, Elia Aj, et al
Oncogene 2013;32(10):1233-9

Transcriptome signatures in Helicobacter pylori-infected mucosa identifies acidic mammalian chitinase loss as a corpus atrophy marker
Nookaew I, Thorell K, Worah K, Wang S, Hibberd Ml, Sjovall H, et al
BMC medical genomics 2013;6():41-

Bromodomain-containing protein 4 (BRD4) regulates RNA polymerase II serine 2 phosphorylation in human CD4+ T cells
Zhang W, Prakash C, Sum C, Gong Y, Li Y, Kwok Jj, et al
The Journal of biological chemistry 2012;287(51):43137-55

Discussion from the 24(th) Marabou Symposium: Nutrition and the human microbiome

Nutrition reviews 2012;70 Suppl 1():S57-86

Enterococcus faecalis: a biological marker predicting the emergence of necrotizing enterocolitis
Braniste V, Pettersson S
Acta paediatrica (Oslo, Norway : 1992) 2012;101(11):1112-3

Gut microbial communities modulating brain development and function
Al-asmakh M, Anuar F, Zadjali F, Rafter J, Pettersson S
Gut microbes 2012;3(4):366-73

Gut microbiota accelerate tumor growth via c-jun and STAT3 phosphorylation in APCMin/+ mice
Li Y, Kundu P, Seow Sw, De Matos Ct, Aronsson L, Chin Kc, et al
Carcinogenesis 2012;33(6):1231-8

Host-gut microbiota metabolic interactions
Nicholson Jk, Holmes E, Kinross J, Burcelin R, Gibson G, Jia W, et al
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PPARG binding landscapes in macrophages suggest a genome-wide contribution of PU.1 to divergent PPARG binding in human and mouse
Pott S, Kamrani Nk, Bourque G, Pettersson S, Liu Et
PloS one 2012;7(10):e48102-

Therapeutic modulation of microbiota-host metabolic interactions
Holmes E, Kinross J, Gibson Gr, Burcelin R, Jia W, Pettersson S, et al
Science translational medicine 2012;4(137):137rv6-

Genome-wide association identifies multiple ulcerative colitis susceptibility loci (vol 42, pg 332, 2010)
Niddk Ibd Genetics Consortium, Mcgovern Dpb, Gardet A, Torkvist L, Goyette P, Essers J, et al
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Normal gut microbiota modulates brain development and behavior
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Analysis of 39 Crohn's disease risk loci in Swedish inflammatory bowel disease patients
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Decreased fat storage by Lactobacillus paracasei is associated with increased levels of angiopoietin-like 4 protein (ANGPTL4)
Aronsson L, Huang Y, Parini P, Korach-andre M, Hakansson J, Gustafsson Ja, et al
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Genome-wide association identifies multiple ulcerative colitis susceptibility loci
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SB939, a novel potent and orally active histone deacetylase inhibitor with high tumor exposure and efficacy in mouse models of colorectal cancer
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The ulcerative colitis marker protein WAFL interacts with accessory proteins in endocytosis
Pan Yf, Viklund Im, Tsai Hh, Pettersson S, Maruyama In
International journal of biological sciences 2010;6(2):163-71

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor suppresses intestinal carcinogenesis in ApcMin/+ mice with natural ligands
Kawajiri K, Kobayashi Y, Ohtake F, Ikuta T, Matsushima Y, Mimura J, et al
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2009;106(32):13481-6

De-novo identification of PPARgamma/RXR binding sites and direct targets during adipogenesis
Hamza Ms, Pott S, Vega Vb, Thomsen Js, Kandhadayar Gs, Ng Pw, et al
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Dissociation of EphB2 signaling pathways mediating progenitor cell proliferation and tumor suppression
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Expression profile of nuclear receptors upon Epstein -- Barr virus induced B cell transformation
Yenamandra Sp, Lundin A, Arulampalam V, Yurchenko M, Pettersson S, Klein G, et al
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Intestinal microbiota regulate xenobiotic metabolism in the liver
Bjorkholm B, Bok Cm, Lundin A, Rafter J, Hibberd Ml, Pettersson S
PloS one 2009;4(9):e6958-

PepT1 oligopeptide transporter (SLC15A1) gene polymorphism in inflammatory bowel disease
Zucchelli M, Torkvist L, Bresso F, Halfvarson J, Hellquist A, Anedda F, et al
Inflammatory bowel diseases 2009;15(10):1562-9

[Polygenetic disturbance in the front line mucosa defense]
Soderholm Jd, Pettersson S
Läkartidningen 2009;106(45):2974-2976

WAFL, a new protein involved in regulation of early endocytic transport at the intersection of actin and microtubule dynamics
Viklund Im, Aspenstrom P, Meas-yedid V, Zhang B, Kopec J, Agren D, et al
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Enterococcus faecalis from newborn babies regulate endogenous PPARgamma activity and IL-10 levels in colonic epithelial cells
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2008;105(6):1943-8

Gut flora, Toll-like receptors and nuclear receptors: a tripartite communication that tunes innate immunity in large intestine
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Identification of a new WASP and FKBP-like (WAFL) protein in inflammatory bowel disease: a potential marker gene for ulcerative colitis
Viklund Im, Kuznetsov Nv, Lofberg R, Daperno M, Sostegni R, Astegiano M, et al
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Inflammation and autoimmunity caused by a SHP1 mutation depend on IL-1, MyD88, and a microbial trigger
Croker Ba, Lawson Br, Rutschmann S, Berger M, Eidenschenk C, Blasius Al, et al
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Inflammation and autoimmunity caused by a SHP1 mutation depend on IL-1, MyD88, and a microbial trigger (vol 105, pg 15028, 2008)
Croker Ba, Lawson Br, Rutschmann S, Berger M, Eidenschenk C, Blasius Al, et al

Introduction: Inflammatory bowel disease: a complex systemic disease engaging multiple players outside the immune system
Pettersson S
Journal of internal medicine 2008;263(6):574-6

Solute carriers (SLC) in inflammatory bowel disease: a potential target of probiotics?
Kotka M, Lieden A, Pettersson S, Trinchieri V, Masci A, D'amato M
Journal of clinical gastroenterology 2008;42 Suppl 3 Pt 1():S133-5

Neuropeptide s receptor 1 gene polymorphism is associated with susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease
D'amato M, Bruce S, Bresso F, Zucchelli M, Ezer S, Pulkkinen V, et al
Gastroenterology 2007;133(3):808-17

Potential role for the common cystic fibrosis DeltaF508 mutation in Crohn's disease
Bresso F, Askling J, Astegiano M, Demarchi B, Sapone N, Rizzetto M, et al
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TRAF1-C5 as a risk locus for rheumatoid arthritis--a genomewide study
Plenge Rm, Seielstad M, Padyukov L, Lee At, Remmers Ef, Ding B, et al
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The coxsackie- and adenovirus receptor (CAR) is an in vivo marker for epithelial tight junctions, with a potential role in regulating permeability and tissue homeostasis
Raschperger E, Thyberg J, Pettersson S, Philipson L, Fuxe J, Pettersson Rf
Experimental cell research 2006;312(9):1566-80

The long and winding road to gut homeostasis
Arulampalam V, Greicius G, Pettersson S
Current opinion in gastroenterology 2006;22(4):349-53

A pivotal role for PPR gamma in innate immune homeostasis?
Pettersson S
Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition 2005;40 Suppl 1():S9-

CARD15/NOD2 polymorphisms do not explain concordance of Crohn's disease in Swedish monozygotic twins
Halfvarson J, Bresso F, D'amato M, Jarnerot G, Pettersson S, Tysk C
Digestive and liver disease : official journal of the Italian Society of Gastroenterology and the Italian Association for the Study of the Liver 2005;37(10):768-72

DNA-dependent conversion of Oct-1 and Oct-2 into transcriptional repressors by Groucho/TLE
Malin S, Linderson Y, Almqvist J, Ernberg I, Tallone T, Pettersson S
Nucleic acids research 2005;33(14):4618-25

Functional interaction of CARD15/NOD2 and Crohn's disease-associated TNFalpha polymorphisms
Linderson Y, Bresso F, Buentke E, Pettersson S, D'amato M
International journal of colorectal disease 2005;20(4):305-11

Functional interaction of Oct transcription factors with the family of repeats in Epstein-Barr virus oriP
Almqvist J, Zou J, Linderson Y, Borestrom C, Altiok E, Zetterberg H, et al
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The dioxin/aryl hydrocarbon receptor mediates downregulation of osteopontin gene expression in a mouse model of gastric tumourigenesis
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The Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway targets PPARgamma activity in colon cancer cells
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A CLA's act: feeding away inflammation
Greicius G, Arulampalam V, Pettersson S
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Commensal anaerobic gut bacteria attenuate inflammation by regulating nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling of PPAR-gamma and RelA
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Corecruitment of the Grg4 repressor by PU.1 is critical for Pax5-mediated repression of B-cell-specific genes
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A constitutively active aryl hydrocarbon receptor causes loss of peritoneal B1 cells
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Impaired expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma in ulcerative colitis
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Abrogated lymphocyte infiltration and lowered CD14 in dextran sulfate induced colitis in mice treated with p65 antisense oligonucleotides
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A constitutively active dioxin/aryl hydrocarbon receptor induces stomach tumors
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Probing biomolecular interactions of glutathione transferase M2-2 by using peptide phage display
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Recombinant adenovirus vector activates and protects human monocyte-derived dendritic cells from apoptosis
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Retardation of post-natal development caused by a negatively acting thyroid hormone receptor alpha1
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Role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma and retinoid X receptor heterodimer in hepatogastroenterological diseases
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The Crohn's associated NOD2 3020InsC frameshift mutation does not confer susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis
D'amato M, Sorrentino R, Pettersson S
The Journal of rheumatology 2002;29(11):2470-1

Uncoupling the p38 MAPK kinase in IBD: a double edged sword?
Arulampalam V, Pettersson S
Gut 2002;50(4):446-7

A mouse model for adenovirus gene delivery
Tallone T, Malin S, Samuelsson A, Wilbertz J, Miyahara M, Okamoto K, et al
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Antisense phosphorothioate oligonucleotides to the p65 subunit of NF-kappaB abrogate fulminant septic shock induced by S. typhimurium in mice
Schlaak Jf, Barreiros Ap, Pettersson S, Schirmacher P, Meyer Zum Buschenfelde Kh, Neurath Mf
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Context-dependent Pax-5 repression of a PU.1/NF-kappaB regulated reporter gene in B lineage cells
Linderson Y, French Ns, Neurath Mf, Pettersson S
Gene 2001;262(1-2):107-14

Hepatic cholesterol metabolism and resistance to dietary cholesterol in LXRbeta-deficient mice
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Impact of transcription factors AP-1 and NF-kappaB on the outcome of experimental Staphylococcus aureus arthritis and sepsis
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Inhibition of activated/memory (CD45RO(+)) T cells by oxidative stress associated with block of NF-kappaB activation
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Bacterial adaptation to host innate immunity responses
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Bacterial regulation of intestinal immune responses
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Microbe-host interactions in the alimentary tract: the gateway to understanding inflammatory bowel disease
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Salmonella typhimurium mutants that downregulate phagocyte nitric oxide production
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The bacterial protein YopJ abrogates multiple signal transduction pathways that converge on the transcription factor CREB
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The lymphoid-specific cofactor OBF-1 is essential for the expression of a V(H) promoter/HS1,2 enhancer-linked transgene in late B cell development
Andersson T, Samuelsson A, Matthias P, Pettersson S
Molecular immunology 2000;37(15):889-99

The Salmonella YopJ-homologue AvrA does not possess YopJ-like activity
Schesser K, Dukuzumuremyi Jm, Cilio C, Borg S, Wallis Ts, Pettersson S, et al
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Constitutive and inducible in vivo protein-DNA interactions at the tumor necrosis factor-alpha promoter in primary human T lymphocytes
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Cutting edge: Ig heavy chain 3' HS1-4 directs correct spatial position-independent expression of a linked transgene to B lineage cells
Chauveau C, Jansson Ea, Muller S, Cogne M, Pettersson S
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Interference of eukaryotic signalling pathways by the bacteria Yersinia outer protein YopJ
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Novel Salmonella typhimurium properties in host--parasite interactions
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Temporal expression of a V(H) promoter-Cmu transgene linked to the IgH HS1,2 enhancer
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Cytokine gene transcription by NF-kappa B family members in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
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The yopJ locus is required for Yersinia-mediated inhibition of NF-kappaB activation and cytokine expression: YopJ contains a eukaryotic SH2-like domain that is essential for its repressive activity
Schesser K, Spiik Ak, Dukuzumuremyi Jm, Neurath Mf, Pettersson S, Wolf-watz H
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Concomitant downregulation of IgH 3' enhancer activity and c-myc expression in a plasmacytoma x fibroblast environment: implications for dysregulation of translocated c-myc
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Evaluation of novel control elements by construction of eukaryotic expression vectors
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NFE, a new transcriptional activator that facilitates p50 and c-Rel-dependent IgH 3' enhancer activity
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Local administration of antisense phosphorothioate oligonucleotides to the p65 subunit of NF-kappa B abrogates established experimental colitis in mice
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Physiological activation of the IgH 3' enhancer in B lineage cells is not blocked by Pax-5
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Repression of the immunoglobulin heavy chain 3' enhancer by helix-loop-helix protein Id3 via a functionally important E47/E12 binding site: implications for developmental control of enhancer function
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The human I alpha 1 region contains a TGF-beta 1 responsive enhancer and a putative recombination hotspot
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International immunology 1995;7(8):1191-204

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