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About me

I am currently working 20% and will be available via email and booked phone meetings - welcome to contact me via email regarding your question!

I work with Human Relations at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology. My role is to support management and staff when there are questions about employment, contracts and organizational issues.

My duties include work environment safety issues, labor law, issues concerning employment and staff economics. I handle questions concerning the Health Promotion reimbursement and the email function system KIMKAT. You can also contact me to get answers about salary, sick leave and holidays.

I also take care of the department's registry and archive regarding employment documents and other staff-related documents.

Contact me

As a research group leader you can contact me with questions about salary, employment contracts and pension as well as work environment safety issues and labor law. 

As an employee, you can contact me with questions about salary, holidays, sick leave, and work environment safety issues.

As a PhD student you can contact me regarding your contract, salary and when you are defending your thesis, as I will help you and your group leader with the reimbursement for your opponent. 


I also work as a Human Resources officer in the administrative unit of Comparative Medicine, Karolinska Institutet.


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