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About me

I finished my engineering studies in the area of electronics in 2011, during which I did a summer internship at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), developing electronic systems for the LHCb detector. I have also worked in image processing of MRI brain scans. I then became interested in bacterial infections and biofilms, working in theoretical models of spread of infections, multiscale models of biofilm formation and models for electrochemical detection of bacterial adhesion in implanted devices. In 2011 I started as PhD student in Prof. Agneta Richter-Dahlfors group at the Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center to research on organic bioelectronic-based solutions to bacterial colonization of implanted devices.

Research description

Bacterial colonization of implanted devices is an important issue with life-threatening and economic consequences. The situation becomes increasily complex as the sessile bacterial community evolves into a biofilm, as this conferes low susceptibility against most antibiotics. My research consists in applying the organic bioelectronics and conducting polymers technologies to help solve this problem. I look for solutions to implant colonization in two different directions. The first one is the development of antimicrobial coatings that, combining antimicrobials and electrical signals, helps to prevent bacterial attachment, the necessary prior step to biofilm formation. The second one is the development of bacterial sensors to detect implant colonization at an early stage, allowing an early medical response before further complications arise.

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