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About me

I am a physician with educational and early-career roots in Italy, in the field of preventive and community medicine. In 1996 I earned a PhD in Cancer Epidemiology at Uppsala University.  After my graduation I have continuously engaged in the two worlds of research at KI and applied public health at the Stockholm County Council. Since December 2012 I am adjunct professor in epidemiology at the Department of Public Health Sciences, research group Epidemiology and Public Health Intervention Research (EPHIR).


1978  Degree in Medicine
1981 Specialist Degree in Communicable Diseases
1985 Specialist Degree in Hygiene and Community Medicine
1996 PhD in Cancer Epidemiology

Research description

My research unfolds along three themes:
1. Epidemiology of tobacco use: consequences for health and determinants of onset and cessation, with special concern for youth populations. In this area, my major endeavour has been the BROMS cohort, a longitudinal study of more than 3000 children followed up throughout adolescence into adulthood
2. School environment’s influence on mental health among adolescents, a subject which is the leading track of my major project, a longitudinal study named Kupol (
3.  Intervention evaluation research, where I apply epidemiological thinking to the task of gathering evidence on “what works” to promote health and to prevent diseases. Some of these studies are funded and/or conducted in cooperation with public health authorities, above all the Stockholm County Council. Examples of this line of research are a systematic review of how school policy against smoking can affect the behavior among students; and a randomized controlled trial of brief advice for smoking cessation in dental clinics (FRITT study)
Even if no longer a major commitment I like to “keep an eye” on my thesis subject, i.e. the etiology of thyroid cancer, on which I collaborate with other researchers.

Teaching portfolio

Since 2011 I am course leader for two courses in the Master of Public Health program, track Epidemiology, where I teach on methods of outcome evaluation of public health interventions.
Other teaching moments I have been regularly involved in concern:
-  The treatment of “missing values” in epidemiologic research, a lecture I usually hold for the Clinical Research School at KI
- Methodologic issues in studies of tobacco dependence
I have been the main supervisor for 5 PhD students, of whom three defended their thesis, and for a number of master students.


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