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Rong Chen


About me

I am the Chief Medical Informatics Officer, and the head of Medical Informatics Group at Cambio Healthcare Systems with overall responsibility in health informatics. My current focus is the research and development of clinical decision support and knowledge management using semantic EHR technologies such as openEHR archetypes. I am interested in scalable decisions support systems that are generic, and agnostic to natural languages and technical platforms. At LIME, I supervise two PhD students and master studies in their thesis projects. 

At HIC, the Health Informatics Centre, I am an associated senior researcher.


2013- Head of Medical Informatics Group, Cambio Healthcare Systems, Sweden

2013- Member of the Management Board, the openEHR Foundation

2008- Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Director of Health Informatics, Cambio Healthcare Systems, Sweden

2005-2007 Technical Architect, Cambio Healthcare Systems, Sweden

2006- 2009 Part-time PhD student in Medical Informatics, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Linköping University, Sweden

2001-2008 Co-founder & owner, Acode HB, Sweden

2000-2001 System developer, Letsbuyit AB, Sweden


2009  Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Informatics, Linköping University, Sweden

1999-2000 PhD student in Medical Informatics, Department of learning, informatics, management and ethics (LIME), Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

1997-1999 Resident doctor, PhD Candidate, Dept. of General Thoracic Surgery, Zhongshan Hospital, affiliated to Shanghai Medical University

1997   Bachelor of Medicine (Major in Clinical Medicine), Shanghai Medical University, China

Academic honors, awards and prizes

Other Professional experience and memberships:

2009-2011 Advisor on openEHR expertise to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

2008-2013 Member of the Architecture Review Board, The openEHR Foundation

2007-   Member of Swedish Federation of Medical Informatics (SFMI)

2005- Lead of the openEHR Java Reference Implementation Project

2004- Member of the openEHR Foundation

Coordinator and presenter at openEHR workshop at Scandinavian Health Informatics Conference 2010, Copenhagen

OpenEHR workshop and oral presentation at MIE2009, MEDINFO 2010, MIE2011

Reviewer for MIE2008, MEDINFO 2007

Workshop, session chair and oral presentation at MIE 2008

Product tutorial about Clinical Decision Support, the World of Health IT (WoHIT) 2008

Invited presentation about openEHR and archetypes at Danish National Terminology orkshop, 2008

Guest lecture about EHR, standards and openEHR at Tromsö University, Norway 2008

Guest lecture about EHR and implementations at Porto University, Portugal 2008

Invited presentation at Open Source Workshop, TTeC08, Norway 2008

Tutorial, workshop and oral presentation at MEDINFO2007

Tutorial about EHR standards at the Ministry of Health, China 2006

Invited presentation about openEHR implementation at Vitalis 2006 (Swedish Health IT Congress)

Presentation on openEHR implementation at EHR Workshop, EuroRec 2004


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The openEHR Java reference implementation project
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