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About me

Senior lecturer at the department of Medicine-Solna, involved in the course Degree project in Medicine as a coordinator and examiner since 2011, specialist in Internal Medicine (2002) and Cardiology (2004), consultant at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Solna.  Main supervisor for 3 Ph. D. students (Per Skoglund - thesis defence 2015, Johannes Arpegård- planned thesis defence 2015 and Oscar Hägglund ongoing) and 10 degree projects on the Study programme in Medicine. 

Research description

Clinical scientist interested in cardiovascular and emergency medicine.  In clinical studies I evaluate ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) during 24 hours in patients with established cardiovascular disease (CVD). I study the value of different biomarkers to predict incident CVD, in relation to ABP and in relation to the effect of antihypertensive treatment. I also study the relation of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Cystatin C to CVD and investigate the relative importance of genes and environment for the association between CVD, hypertension and cystatin C/CKD. My research is performed both in clinical study groups in patients with established cardiovascular disease, in larger population based studies as well as in registry based studies. .

In the field of emergency medicine I study new treatment algorithms for chest pain patients in clinical studies as well as outcome and risk factors in registry studies.  We investigate short term outcome in relation to different chief complaints in the ER and evaluate the effect of crowding in relation to different chief complaints.

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