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About me

Many years have past since starting my career in research, by pursuing a PhD. What fascinated me then and still does now is how we are shaping the future of knowledge. We are constantly following our curiosity by moving beyond the realm of the known. It is this perseverance and thirst for knowledge that defines me. It motivates me to come to work and despite many setbacks, expands my horizons everyday. Hoping to implement what I have learnt along this journey within my clinical practice and dispersing it to the world. Transmitting this newfound knowledge to other curious minds.

How scientists communicate to the public is the topic of a podcast that I have worked on.  It can be found in the Links section below. 

Research description

   The mystical entity known as the brain is the focus of my research interest. Though many aspects of this marvelous organ fascinates me, presently, I am delving into understanding what happens to it during Alzheimer's disease.

   Trying to decipher why high blood cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes all increase the risk of developing this devastating disease. Why the level of cholesterol in the blood affects the brain, despite being shielded by a barrier that prevents cholesterol from trespassing.

   The brain contains 25% of the body’s cholesterol that is completely produced in this refuge and APOE, a cholesterol transporter, is the most important risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Yet cholesterol is not considered crucial in Alzheimer’s disease research.

   We are working on expanding the boundaries of this field and making it open to new perspectives. Should you want to know more, read about what we are doing here or contact me, I'm always willing to learn new things. 


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