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Madeleine Svärd Huss

Editor in chief

Visiting address : Berzelius Väg 13, Solna, Sweden
Postal address : Central Administration (UF), UF, Communications and Public Relations Office, 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery address : Berzelius Väg 13, Solna, Sweden

About me

If you want to inform us of any news concerning the university, please send an email to This will put you in contact with the editorial team of KI News as well as the staff's news magazine KI Bladet.

What's of news interest?

When informing us of anything that could be of interest, something that recently happened or will happen at KI or in connection to KI, we would need to know in what way it could be interesting for the university organisation as a whole, and also whom to contact in order to find out more about it.

If the news concerns a recently-received award or a new affiliation at KI, please see the list below of additional questions that would need to be answered. The following questions will guide us when considering a news article:

  • What happened? Who did something concerning Karolinska Institutet? In which department/unit/centre at Karolinska Institutet?
  • When did it take place? What was the purpose? Why is it interesting for anyone else at Karolinska Institutet to know about it?
  • What story lies behind it – any collaborations/activities/connections or even surprising or unexpected details that make the news relevant?
  • What will it eventually lead to?
  • Who is the main person to get in touch with for further comments or interviews?

Please be sure to enclose pictures if there are any, and let us know if we are allowed to use them (copyright). Name the photographer.

Academic honors, awards and prizes

In 2009 KI Bladet rewarded the Publishing Prize for best magazine in the public sector.