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About me

I have a master’s degree in nutrition from Stockholm University and a PhD from Karolinska Institutet, Department of Public Health Sciences. The title of my thesis is “Obesity and stigma. Studies on children, adults and health care professionals.” I am currently a part-time postdoc in the Research group of Child and Adolescent Epidemiology. My research interests are health promotion, eating habits, physical activity, behaviour change, obesity, stigmatization, and body image.

Research description

My current research is focusing on children’s eating habits, physical activity levels, BMI and mental health. One study is investigating whether mothers act as role models or not for their 3 and 5 year old children when it comes to intakes of different foods. The aim of another study is to analyse the relationship between BMI change in early school years and psychological outcomes in preadolescence. I am also taking part in investigating different research questions within the PRIMROSE trial; for example, 4-year old children’s physical activity pattern assessed by triaxal accelerometer, association between parental self-efficacy and 4-year old children’s eating habits and physical activity, and motivational interviewing with parents and the effect on their 4-year old children’s BMI, eating habits and physical activity.


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