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About me

The year of 2015, I became a Ph. D. in Mathematical and statistical methods for economic and social sciences at the University of Perugia, Italy. The title of my thesis was “Inverse probability weighting and doubly robust estimators under model misspecification and a study on the socioeconomic determinants of end-stage renal disease in Sweden”. I have also a Master and Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and computer science. My current postdoc project at Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology (CPE) is about the new methodologies for time-varying exposure in pharmacoepidemiology.

I started my Ph. D. program in Italy in 2013 and I have spent two years in Sweden as PhD student by studying at the department of statistics of Umeå University. At that time I had the possibility to focus my research on causal inference methodologies, however, I also started a collaboration with the Swedish Childhood Diabetes Study Group. Before my current position I was involved in a project which used the national stroke register “Riks-Stroke register” with the aim to study disparities and socioeconomic inequalities in immediate care after stroke in Sweden.

In my free time I like drawing black and white portraits.

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