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About me

Registered physiotherapist, PhD, and postdoc at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health.

Research description

In October 2017 I defended my thesis entitled: “Evaluation of function in individuals with knee osteoarthritis”. The overall aim of the thesis was to evaluate methods used to objectively assess function – e.g., gait patterns, movement strategies, and performance-based function – in individuals with knee osteoarthritis.

Alterations in joint loading were associated with both performance-based function and patient-reported outcomes whereas kinematic gait alterations were not associated to either, indicating that clinical outcome measures of function are not aligned with kinematic gait deviations. Based on post-operative changes in Five Times Sit-to-Stand test performance, individuals with considerable gait pattern improvements were identified. However, patient-reported measures of function could not detect differences between individuals improving in performance-based function and those who did not. Nevertheless, improvements in knee flexion-extension range during gait were related to large improvements in Knee-related Quality of Life. The body’s Center of Mass trajectory during the Five Times Sit-to-Stand test was found to be a sensitive and responsive measure of functional compensations typical of knee osteoarthritis pathology.


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