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About me

I am a Nutritionist with a PhD position at Institute of Environmental Medicine, unit of Environmental Epidemiology. My PhD project has the title "Nutritional factors in relation to childhood allergy". I have a special interest within child overweight and nutrition.


Msc with a major in Nutrition from Stockholm University.

Research description

My research is within childhood allergic disease and all my projects are based on the prospective birth cohort BAMSE (Children, Allergy, Milieu, Stockholm, Epidemiology study).

In my first study I explored changes in overweight status during childhood in relation to asthma at age 8 years, and found that overweight in earlier ages did not seem to increase the risk for asthma at age 8 years if the weight normalized. However, we observed an association between overweight in school age and asthma at age 8 years.

My focus after the first study has been on fish and polyunsaturated fatty acid intake. We have found that fish intake in infancy seems to decrease the risk of prevalent and incident allergic disease up to age 12 years, with a particular strong risk reduction for rhinitis. I am now studying fish intake as well as intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids in childhood in relation to rhinitis up to 16 years of age.

In addition to the studies in my PhD plan I am involved in other research areas whitin BAMSE, for example maternal and child overweight in relation to childhood allergic disease, and maternal migration status in relation to childhood overweight.


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