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About me

I am a PhD student for professor Kamila Czene. I also work clinically as an MD and resident at the Radiology department at the Karolinska University Hospital Solna. The title of my thesis work is "Mammographic and genetic determinants of Interval Breast Cancer".


  • M.D., Karolinska Institute
  • M.Sc. Engineering Physics, LTH at Lund University

Research description

The objective of my research is to identify mammographic and genetic determinants of interval breast cancer. Interval cancer is defined as a cancer that is not detected at screening, even though the women attend the screening programme, but instead by the woman herself or her doctor. About 20-25 per cent of all women participating in screening experience this kind of screening failure. Interval cancer has been shown to have worse characteristics and higher mortality than screen-detected cancer.  

My long-term aim is to reduce the breast cancer mortality by improving the screening for high risk women in order to minimize the number of interval cancers. I use new techniques and approaches for statistical image analysis of previous "healthy" mammography images in my search for new risk factors.  I focus on features of the mammogram preceding the cancer diagnosis as well as the dynamics in terms of intraindividual changes between sequential screenings. The image analysis information will be combined with the woman's genetic profile to understand if that can increase the precision of the risk assessment. Our discoveries, together with established risk factors, will be put together to form risk criteria. These will be tested in the KARMA cohort, which is the best-characterized breast cancer cohort in the world encompassing around 70.000 women with extensive questionnaires, medical registry data as well as raw digital mammograms and tissue samples.

Academic honors, awards and prizes

2015 Research Residency, Stockholm County Council

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