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About me

I joined the department of medical epidemiology and biostatistics in 2014 after 10 years at Uppsala University. I am currently a postdoc with Juni Palmgren and the leader of the bioinformatics work package within the project eScience for Cancer Prevention and Control (eCPC). My main expertise lies within genetics and bioinformatics.  


MSc Engineering Biology, Linköping Institute of Technology, 2001
PhD Medical Genetics, Uppsala University, 2009

Research description

I’m interested in complex disease genetics. My focus is understanding different aspects of cancer genetics, both inherited susceptibility factors that create a predisposition and the somatic changes that drive tumor development. I apply bioinformatic tools on data yielded by current large-scale methods such as SNP arrays and NextGen sequencing in order to better understand the underlying genetics. I’m also interested in translating research findings to the clinical setting. 

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