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About me

My PhD thesis aimed to unravel the molecular pathways in the intercrossing of inflammation and carcinogenesis. The objective was to find a possible role for the classical immunomodulatory MAP3 kinase 8 (TPL2) in signaling cascades traditionally implicated in cancer formation. To this end, I investigated the potential role of TPL2 in DNA damage responses and discovered its novel interaction with Nucleophosmin (NPM) and its downstream effect on p53 activation. This project excited my curiocity towards the biology of DNA damage and its implication in tumorigenesis and cancer treatment. In order to pursue this interest, I joined the newly established laboratory of Professor Jiri Bartek at Karolinska Institute, a leading place in biomedical research worldwide.


Physical and functional interaction of the TPL2 kinase with nucleophosmin.
Kanellis D, Bursac S, Tsichlis P, Volarevic S, Eliopoulos A
Oncogene 2015 May;34(19):2516-26

Tpl2 kinase signal transduction in inflammation and cancer.
Vougioukalaki M, Kanellis D, Gkouskou K, Eliopoulos A
Cancer Lett. 2011 May;304(2):80-9

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