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About me

I am a joint PhD student of Juha Kere and Peter Swoboda groups. My doctoral education is funded by Karolinska Institute Doktorand (KID) funding. 

Once a year for a short term period, I do my research in Junho Lee group at Seoul National University under STINT Sweden-Korea research collaboration grant. 


2013-present Karolinska Institutet: PhD education

2011-2012 Karolinska Institutet: Honours year/Master-level in Peter Swoboda's group.

2007-2010 Australian National University: Bachelor of Science, Major in Cell and Molecular Biology. Bachelor project in Carolyn Behm's group. 

Research description

RFX transcription factor (TF) family has a conserved DNA binding domain that recognises a sequence motif called the X-box. The group of Dr Juha Kere specialises in human population genetic studies of complex diseases including dyslexia. Dyslexia candidate genes have been associated with RFXs because they harbour X-box motifs. The group of Dr Peter Swoboda has a long standing experience in C. elegans’ RFX TF known as DAF-19 which is the central regulator of ciliogenesis. My doctoral project started with collaboration between Dr Kere and Dr Swoboda to explore in-depth the role of RFX TFs in development and disease using human cells and C. elegans as models. 


Tammimies K, Bieder A, Lauter G, Sugiaman-Trapman D, Torchet R, Hokkanen M-E, Burghoorn J, Castrén E, Kere J, Tapia-Páez I, Swoboda P: Ciliary dyslexia candidate genes DYX1C1 and DCDC2 are regulated by Regulatory Factor (RF) X transcription factors through X-box promoter motifs. The FASEB Journal 2016.

[pubmed: 27451412]


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