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Daniel P Andersson



Increased fat cell size: a major phenotype of subcutaneous white adipose tissue in non-obese individuals with type 2 diabetes
Acosta Jr, Douagi I, Andersson Dp, Bäckdahl J, Rydén M, Arner P, et al
Diabetologia 2016;59(3):560-70

The Adipose Transcriptional Response to Insulin Is Determined by Obesity, Not Insulin Sensitivity
Rydén M, Hrydziuszko O, Mileti E, Raman A, Bornholdt J, Boyd M, et al
Cell reports 2016;16(9):2317-26

Adipose tissue morphology predicts improved insulin sensitivity following moderate or pronounced weight loss
Eriksson-hogling D, Andersson Dp, Bäckdahl J, Hoffstedt J, Rössner S, Thorell A, et al
International journal of obesity (2005) 2015;39(6):893-8

Regional variations in the relationship between arterial stiffness and adipocyte volume or number in obese subjects
Arner P, Bäckdahl J, Hemmingsson P, Stenvinkel P, Eriksson-hogling D, Näslund E, et al
International journal of obesity (2005) 2015;39(2):222-7

Rigiscan Evaluation of Men with Diabetes Mellitus and Erectile Dysfunction and Correlation with Diabetes Duration, Age, BMI, Lipids and HbA1c
Andersson Dp, Ekström U, Lehtihet M
PloS one 2015;10(7):e0133121-

The fat cell epigenetic signature in post-obese women is characterized by global hypomethylation and differential DNA methylation of adipogenesis genes
Dahlman I, Sinha I, Gao H, Brodin D, Thorell A, Rydén M, et al
International journal of obesity (2005) 2015;39(6):910-9

Transplanted Bone Marrow-Derived Cells Contribute to Human Adipogenesis
Rydén M, Uzunel M, Hård Jl, Borgström E, Mold Je, Arner E, et al
Cell metabolism 2015;22(3):408-17

Adipose tissue and metabolic alterations: regional differences in fat cell size and number matter, but differently: a cross-sectional study
Rydén M, Andersson Dp, Bergström Ib, Arner P
The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 2014;99(10):E1870-6

Changes in subcutaneous fat cell volume and insulin sensitivity after weight loss
Andersson Dp, Eriksson Hogling D, Thorell A, Toft E, Qvisth V, Näslund E, et al
Diabetes care 2014;37(7):1831-6

Omentectomy in addition to gastric bypass surgery and influence on insulin sensitivity: a randomized double blind controlled trial
Andersson Dp, Thorell A, Löfgren P, Wirén M, Toft E, Qvisth V, et al
Clinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland) 2014;33(6):991-6

Waist circumference to assess reversal of insulin resistance following weight reduction after bariatric surgery: cohort and cross-sectional studies
Andersson Dp, Wahrenberg H, Toft E, Qvisth V, Löfgren P, Hertel K, et al
International journal of obesity (2005) 2014;38(3):438-43

Adipocyte triglyceride turnover and lipolysis in lean and overweight subjects
Rydén M, Andersson Dp, Bernard S, Spalding K, Arner P
Journal of lipid research 2013;54(10):2909-13

LXR is a negative regulator of glucose uptake in human adipocytes
Pettersson Am, Stenson Bm, Lorente-cebrián S, Andersson Dp, Mejhert N, Krätzel J, et al
Diabetologia 2013;56(9):2044-54

Variations in the size of the major omentum are primarily determined by fat cell number
Arner P, Andersson Dp, Thörne A, Wirén M, Hoffstedt J, Näslund E, et al
The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 2013;98(5):E897-901

Visceral Fat Cell Lipolysis and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Obesity
Andersson Dp, Lofgren P, Thorell A, Arner P, Hoffstedt J

Regional impact of adipose tissue morphology on the metabolic profile in morbid obesity
Hoffstedt J, Arner E, Wahrenberg H, Andersson Dp, Qvisth V, Lofgren P, et al
DIABETOLOGIA 2010;53(12):2496-503

beta 3-Adrenoceptor function and long-term changes in body weight
Andersson D, Wahrenberg H, Lofgren P

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