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About me

Born -56 in Denmark. Now living i Linköping with my husband.


1982: Bachelor in medicine (physician) 1982, University of Aarhus, Denmark

1984: License to practise medicine in Denmark

1986: License to practise medicine in Sweden

1990: Specialist in Geriatric Medicine, Sweden

2012: Doctoral degree, Medical Science


Research description

The main research area is the effects of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment on outcomes such as health economy and frailty. There are one project were data collection is ended – and two in the start-up phase.

Since 2010 been the clinical and scientific project leader of the “Age-FIT”-trial (Ambulatory Geriatric Frailty Intervention Trial). Clinical Trials nr NCT01446757.

This is a randomized controlled clinical intervention trial comparing Ambulatory geriatric Care with “usual care”.


Co-worker in the “DEMA-project” studying the effects of different types of anaesthesia on the development of dementia of Alzheimer type.

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