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Anneli Julander

Senior researcher

Visiting address : Scheelelaboratoriet Nobelsväg 13 Solna, Sweden
Postal address : Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM), C6, Occupational and environmental dermatology , Box 210 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery address : Schelelaboratoriet Nobelsväg 13 Solna, Sweden

About me

I work as an Accociate Professor at the Unit of Occupational and Envrionmental Dermatology. My research area is mainly how metals in different forms interact and affect the skin.


2000 Master of Science in Biology, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Title: Bioaccumulation and elimination of flame retardant PBDE-47 in the Baltic tellenid clam, Macoma Baltica.

2005 PhD in Environmental Science, Örebro University, Sweden.

Title: Exposure to brominated flame retardants in electronics recycling - air and human plasma levels. 

2014 Associate Professor of Occupational and Envrionmental Medicine

Research description

Skin exposure to hazardous substances, with emphasis on metals.

The aim of my research is to characterise skin exposure and processes leading to uptake of metals through skin.


Exposure to metals are common, but very little is known about how much metals that are present on the skin. Many metals are both allergenic and toxic and occur as alloys or surface coatings. Contact with skin occurs through manual handling or deposition onto the skin. In my research I characterize metal exposure, by sampling the skin surface, blood and urine of humans and I also collect air samples from the working environment. I also work with diffusion cells (in vitro). Using these one can study skin penetration and uptake of substances. 

Sampling of skin is performed using two methods – acid wipe sampling and tape stripping. The first method uses a dilute acid with which the skin is wiped. The metals in the wipe are analysed with ICP-MS which give a quantitative skin dose. In the second method, the outer layer of the skin is removed for analysis with electron microscopy to study particle size and composition. Combining these two methods with traditional sampling (blood/urine) and air monitoring allows us to understand the exposure scenario to metals. 


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Reply to 'Comment on: "Personal air sampling and analysis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers and other bromine containing compounds at an electronics recycling facility in Sweden"' by M. L. Hardy, JEM, 2005, 7, DOI: 10.1039/b418857h
Van Bavel B, Julander A

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