E.g., 2017-12-13
E.g., 2017-12-13

Tuesday 12 December


Open seminars at NVS: NEAR - National E-infrastructure for Aging Research

Gävlegatan 16, floor 7, large conference room (Tokyo)
Laura Fratiglioni , professor, Aging Research Center, KI/SU ARC's seminar series is open for all to visit on a first come, first serve basis. The seminars cover aging research topics within geriatric epidemiology, psychology and social gerontology. Contact For any questions regarding the ARC...
Lectures and seminars
Division of Aging Research Center (ARC)

Half-time controll: Elin Pettersson

Room 507, Alfred Nobels Allé 23
Campus Flemingsberg
Title: Everyday and eHealth technologies and services used by older adults with cognitive impairments Main supervisor Camilla Walles Malinowsky, Lecturer, Division of Occupational Therapy, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet Co-supervisors Louise Nygård,...
Half-time controls
Division of Occupational therapy

Friday 15 December


Dissertation: Birgitta Widerström

Alfred Nobel allé 23, H2 Grön
Campus Flemingsberg
Titel: CLINICAL DECISION-MAKING IN PHYSIOTHERAPY FOR LOW BACK PAIN IN PRIMARY HEALTH CARE Opponent: Professor Birgitta Öberg, Linköping University, Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Division of Physiotherapy Examination Board: Associate professor Iben Axén, Karolinska Institutet, Institute...
Division of Physiotherapy
E.g., 2017-12-13
E.g., 2017-12-13