High impact publications

Recent publications in high impact journals where researchers from Karolinska Institutet are main authors.

CD49a expression defines tissue-resident CD8+ T cells poised for cytotoxic function in human skin
Cheuk S, Schlums H, Sérézal IG, Martini E, Chiang SC, Marquardt N, Gibbs A, Detlofsson E, Introini A, Forkel M, Höög C, Tjernlund A, Michaëlsson J, Folkersen L, Mjösberg J, Blomqvist L, Ehrström M, Ståhle M, Bryceson YT, Eidsmo L, Immunity (2017) Online 14 February 2017. Article.

Optimal fractionation of preoperative radiotherapy and timing to surgery for rectal cancer (Stockholm III): a multicentre, randomised, non-blinded, phase 3, non-inferiority trial
Erlandsson J, Holm T, Pettersson D, Berglund Å, Cedermark B, Radu C, Johansson H, Machado M, Hjern F, Hallböök O, Syk I, Glimelius B, Martling A, The Lancet Oncology (2017) Online 9 February. Article.

Reducing VEGF-B Signaling Ameliorates Renal Lipotoxicity and Protects against Diabetic Kidney Disease
Falkevall A, Mehlem A, Palmobo I, Heller Sahlgren B, Ebarasi L, He L, Ytterberg J, Olausson H, Axelsson J, Sundelin B, Patrakka J, Scoteny P, Nash A, Eriksson U, Cell Metabolism (2017) Online 9 February. Article.

Improving anaesthesia care for children

Per-Arne Lönnqvist’s research aims to improve anaesthesia care for children. He has helped to develop the use of ultrasound for improving the precision of local anaesthetic administration and has been a pioneer in the use of alpha-2 agonists in paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care.

Reducing risk during pregnancy and childbirth

Anna-Karin Wikström researches pregnancy-related complications, especially preeclampsia. Two important lines of her research involve registry studies of risk factors during pregnancy and childbirth, and MRI studies of the placenta and the maternal brain during preeclampsia.

Surveying patients to understand the mechanisms behind kidney disease

Annika Östman Wernerson researches molecular mechanisms causing different kidney diseases in the hope that the knowledge generated will lead to more effective diagnosis, care and treatment. She also researches the field of pedagogics, studying how students cope with and are affected by unpleasant experiences during their education.