High impact publications

Recent publications in high impact journals where researchers from Karolinska Institutet are main authors.

Development and validation of risk prediction model for venous thromboembolism in postpartum women: multinational cohort study
Sultan AA, West J, Grainge MJ, Riley RD, Tata LJ, Stephansson O, Fleming KM, Nelson-Pierc C, Ludvigsson JFBMJ (2016) Online 5 December. Research.

Sex-Discordant Blood Transfusions and Survival After Cardiac Surgery - A Nationwide Cohort Study
Holzmann MJSartipy U,  Olsson ML,  Dickman PEdgren GCirculation (2016) Online 21 November. Correspondence.

Effect of Tailored Dose-Dense Chemotherapy vs Standard 3-Weekly Adjuvant Chemotherapy on Recurrence-Free Survival AmongWomen With High-Risk Early Breast Cancer A Randomized Clinical Trial
Foukakis T, von Minckwitz G, Bengtsson N-O,  Brandberg Y, Wallberg B, Fornander T, Mlineritsch B, Schmatloch S, Singer CF, Steger G, Egle D, Karlsson E, Carlsson L, Loibl S, Untch M, Hellström M, Johansson H, Anderson H, Malmström P, Gnant M, Greil R, Möbus V, Bergh JJAMA (2016) Online 8 November. Original Investigation.

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