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Karolinska Institutet Discovers lecture given by Jakob Michaelsson

20 Sep 2017

Karolinska Institutet Discovers lecture given by Jakob Michaelsson 20 September Title of the seminar was: Natural killer cells in the human lung and was about the publication Human lung natural killer cells are predominantly comprised of highly differentiated hypofunctional CD69-CD56dim cells...

New thesis on studies of Bone disease and Diabetes Mellitus

20 Sep 2017

Anna Ugarph from the research group Growth and Metabolism will defend her thesis "Bone disease and Diabetes Mellitus" on September 22, 2017. Main supervisor is Professor Kerstin Brismar. What is the main focus of your thesis? Bone disease and Diabetes Mellitus. Which are the most important results...

Two new core facilities at MBB

19 Sep 2017

Since the 2017 autumn term, the two new core facilities “Chemical Proteomics” and “VirusTech”, located at KI’s Department for Medical biochemistry and biophysics, MBB, are available to researchers nationwide. The Chemical Proteomics facility opened to provide specialized support to KI and other...
Core facilityProteomics

Register giant in the field of dementia celebrates 10 years

18 Sep 2017

Today SveDem is the world's largest quality register for dementia diseases, and in May this year ten years had past since the registry was started. This was celebrated on Thursday, September 14, at the annual meeting in Svenska Läkaresällskapet's premises in Stockholm. Read more about the 10th...
DementiaHealth careNeurobiologyOrganisationRegister-based research

Chenhong Lin is the new chair of the PhD council at NVS

18 Sep 2017

Starting from this fall, Chenhong Lin is the new chair of the PhD council at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS). At the top of the new chair´s agenda is to work closely with the department on common goals, such as increased visibility within and outside of Karolinska...
Doctoral educationOrganisation

Marc Bygdeman receive the Grand Silver Medal 2017

18 Sep 2017

Professor Emeritus Marc Bygdeman has been awarded The Grand Silver Medal for outstanding contributions to research, education and healthcare and for significant involvement in the World Health Organisation’s work in fertility and family planning. He has dedicated his entire professional life to...

September 13th was World Sepsis Day

15 Sep 2017

The Infection clinic and the Center for Infection Medicine (CIM) attended the day by inviting a hospital and clinic cross-seminar on sepsis research in Stockholm. Anna Norrby-Teglund, Professor at Center for Infectious Medicine and Kristoffer Strålin, Infection Clinic, organized the meeting, where...

Tore Curstedt awarded with the Grand Silver Medal 2017

14 Sep 2017

Associate Professor Tore Curstedt at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery at Karolinska Institutet has been awarded the Grand Silver Medal for the work he and his colleague Bengt Robertson, who died in 2008, have done on their innovative treatment for preterm babies with respiratory...

New National Initiative for Precision Medicine - Genomic Medicine Sweden

14 Sep 2017

Genomic Medicine Sweden is an initiative that, through a preparatory study, aims to build a new type of infrastructure within Swedish Healthcare that implements Precision Medicine at a national level. On September 19, 2017, the initiative will have a start-up meeting at Karolinska Institutet where...

Jonas F Ludvigsson new Chair of the Örebro Society of Medicine

07 Sep 2017

Jonas F Ludvigsson , paediatrician and professor at MEB has been elected chair of the Örebro Society of Medicine (Örebro Läkaresällskap). The society is one of the oldest in Sweden (founded in 1904) and aims to foster continuing education, and research among physicians at the University Hospital in...

Welcome Johanna Bylund – new addition to the communication’s team at NVS

06 Sep 2017

What kind of work will you do? I will work as a communications officer one day per week, mostly Wednesdays, at the department management together with Selma Wolofsky. At NVS I will mainly focus on working with the intra web. Our present intra web is out of date. A central solution at KI is being...

Postdoctoral Fellow : Covington, LA, United States

06 Sep 2017

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ERC Starting Grants to IMM researcher

06 Sep 2017

Erik Melén has received starting grants from the European Research Council (ERC) for conducting his own independent research. The purpose of the ERC Starting Grants is to support talented early-career scientist, who have already produced excellent supervised work, into becoming independent...

Georgios Sotiriou receives a starting grant from the European Research Council (ERC)

06 Sep 2017

KI researchers Erik Melén and Georgios Sotiriou (pictured) have received starting grants from the European Research Council (ERC) for conducting their own independent research. The purpose of the ERC Starting Grants is to support talented early-career scientist, who have already produced excellent...

Dissertation 22 Sep 2017: Ida Karlsson

06 Sep 2017

On Friday Sep 22, Ida Karlsson will defend her thesis " Dementia and its comorbidities: genetic and epigenetic influences ". Her opponent is Professor Ruth Ottman from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. Ida's supervisors are Nancy Pedersen, Sara Hägg and Alexander Ploner...

Welcome Karin Edman! NVS´s new Financial controller

04 Sep 2017

What kind of work will you do at NVS? My assignment is Financial Controller with accountability. This means that I will be responsible for the department's ongoing accounting, follow-up and financial statement, and to be responsible for the department's budget work and resource allocation. I will...

Welcome Maria Axelsson new HR officer at NVS

04 Sep 2017

What’s your assignment at NVS? The main focus in my work at NVS is to recruit new co-workers but I will also support managers and staff in other HR-related issues and salary administration. What do you look forward to working here? I look forward to meeting people at NVS, to learn more about the...

Eric Westman a new member of the NVS executive management

03 Sep 2017

Starting from September 1, 2017, Eric Westman is a new Vice/Acting Head of Department in NVS´s executive management. His responsibilities includes the bibliometric analysis of the scientific publications at NVS, IT and facilities matters. Eric Westman has previously worked with facilities issues...

New thesis on individual differences in associative memory in older and younger adults

31 Aug 2017

Hi Nina Becker , PhD student at the Aging Research Center. On September 1 you will defend your thesis " Inter-individual differences in associative memory: structural and functional brain correlates and genetic modulators " what´s the main focus of the thesis? I investigated individual differences...
Doctoral student

Professor Sabine Koch from HIC has now been elected as the next president for International Medical Informatics Association

31 Aug 2017

Professor Sabine Koch from HIC has now been elected as the next president for IMIA, International Medical Informatics Association . The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) is the world body for health and biomedical informatics. As an ‘association of associations’, IMIA acts as a...
Health Informatics

Petter Brodin is awarded the best project application by Svenska Läkaresällskapet

31 Aug 2017

Svenska Läkaresällskapet assigns Petter Brodin, doctor and research assistant at the Department of Medicine, KI, for the best project application in 2017 The project is called: ”A systems biology approach to monitoring the immune system in patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation”...

Carina Hammarström new head of administration at MBB

29 Aug 2017

Carina Hammarström, currently the head of administration at the Karolinska Institutet University Library, will take on the role as head of administration at MBB from September 1st. Carina’s basic training is in economy, and before coming to KI she worked as head of finances at Moderna Museet. After...

Telomere length is associated with the cognitive response to a lifestyle intervention

29 Aug 2017

A new study from the FINGER trial team shows that participants with shorter leukocyte telomere length (LTL) had more pronounced benefits on cognition following the multidomain lifestyle intervention. “These findings are very promising, as individuals with shorter telomeres may represent an at-risk...

Mats Wahlgren interviewed by the Swedish national radio program Vetenskapsradion

25 Aug 2017

Professor Mats Wahlgren from The Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology has been inteviewed by the Swedish national radio station SverigesRadio in the series Vetenskapsradion. The interview focuses on the discovery of a new type of antibody highlighted in a recent publication in Nature...

New thesis on studies of apolipoprotein CIII in diabetes

24 Aug 2017

Karin Åvall from the research group Signal Transduction will defend her thesis "In vivo and in vitro studies of apolipoprotein CIII in diabetes" on September 15, 2017. Main Supervisor is Professor Lisa Juntti-Berggren. What's the main focus of your thesis? My thesis is focused on a protein called...

Welcome Petra - new coordinator at the NVS central management

23 Aug 2017

What’s your assignment at NVS? My function will be to assist the Head of Department and the management group, in order for them to successfully manage their assignment and responsibilities to lead one of KI:s biggest departments. I will be helping with the basic administrative side, but also follow...

New thesis on measuring the damage in white matter

23 Aug 2017

Hi Soheil Damangir , PhD student at the Division of Clinical Geriatrics . On 25 August you will defend your thesis " The matter of white and gray matter in Alzheimer´s Disease ”, what´s the main focus of the thesis? My thesis is about the role of white matter (i.e. the connection between different...
AlzheimerDoctoral student

Professor Jesper Lagergren is awarded the UEG Research Prize 2017

22 Aug 2017

Professor Jesper Lagergren is awarded the distinguished UEG, United European Gastroenterology, Research Prize 2017 for his outstanding project “The aetiology, prevention and treatment of oesophageal cancer”. The overarching goal of his research is to improve clinical practice and to contribute with...
AwardUpper GI research

The Department of Public Health Sciences will participate in the 2017 European Public Health Conference

22 Aug 2017

In November this year, the 10th EPH Conference will be held in Stockholm. More than 1,500 experts in public health are expected to participate. Researchers and research students from PHS have already registered.
ConferenceGlobal HealthPublic Health

Lunch seminar September 19th: Quality Data Requires Healthy Mice

21 Aug 2017

Animal health problems can delay studies and reduce the quality of data. This seminar outlines key decision points in planning and executing your research project, highlighting animal health resources and people who can help prevent unexpected outcomes. For example: How to read and understand...
Animal experiment

Nagihan Bostanci appointed as vice president for the Periodontal Research Group of IADR

15 Aug 2017

Nagihan Bostanci has been appointed as the vice-president of the Periodontal Research Group of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). She will serve as president-elect during the period 2018-2019 and will become the president for the period 2019-2020. The Periodontal Research...

Professors Anna Martling and Ulf Hedin, both at MMK, are new members of the Board of Directors at CIMED

15 Aug 2017

CIMED, the Center for Innovative Medicine, is changing its focus and have a new board starting from 1 July 2017. In addition to the new board with a greater clinical competence, CIMED is to focus more on supporting clinical research than previously. Research on chronic diseases and diseases with a...

Eva Županič receives award at the EAN congress 2017

14 Aug 2017

Eva Županič, researcher at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), has been awarded the Investigator Award at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) 2017. Eva Županič receives the award for her research and presentation on the subject “Outcomes of...

Derivation of germ-free mice via INFRAFRONTIER

08 Aug 2017

INFRAFRONTIER is the European Research Infrastructure for phenotyping, archiving and distribution of model mammalian genomes. A service to derive germ-free (axenic) mice is now provided. The core services of INFRAFRONTIER comprise the systemic phenotyping of mouse mutants in the participating mouse...
Animal experiment

A new potential treatment strategy against childhood cancer with high mortality

29 Jul 2017

Neuroblastoma is a cancer in children that originates in the sympathetic nervous system and has a high mortality. Current treatment includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy with their potentially severe side effects; there is therefore an urgent need for a new improved drug. One potential treatment...

Reduction in dental care and inferior oral health subsequent to dementia diagnosis

20 Jul 2017

Subsequent to a diagnosis of dementia, the patient’s contact with the dental care services diminishes and oral health is impaired. This has been revealed by a major register-based study from Karolinska Institutet published in the scientific journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Researchers at...
AgeingDementiaDental Care

Professor Emeritus Uno Lindberg passed away on June 30th 2017

18 Jul 2017

Professor Emeritus Uno Lindberg passed away on June 30th 2017. Former MTC research group leader Uno was Professor Emeritus at Karolinska Institutet from 2006 onwards, with research focusing on cell biology. Uno was also a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (RSAS) from 1989 onwards and...

Video portrait of an employee: Vicente Pelechano

11 Jul 2017

SciLife Lab fellow and MTC Assistant Professor Vicente Pelechano is featured in "medarbetarporträtt" this month - a video interview outlining his research at Karolinska Institutet and SciLife View the video interview online here

Christer Betsholtz receives the Anders Jahre major medical award

10 Jul 2017

Christer Betsholtz, Professor in vascular and tumour biology, receives the Anders Jahre major medical award for his research into the formation and function of blood vessels. The research is important in terms of being able to treat specific disorders, e.g., brain tumours and psychoses. Betsholtz’...
PrizeTumour Biology

PRIME Health participates in seminar on physical activity among children and adolescents

04 Jul 2017

Cecilia Magnusson and Daniel Berglind from the research group Prevention, Intervention and Mechanisms in Public Health (PRIME Health) participates at the seminar "Physical activity among children and adolescents - who bears the responsibility?" on Wednesday 5 July, during the Almedalen week in...

IMM researchers have constructed a toxicogenomics space that accurately predicts risk of liver toxicity from chemicals and drugs

04 Jul 2017

Roland Grafström and coworkers publishes this week a description of a predictive toxicogenomics space in Nature Communications. The work represents a cooperation with researchers in Finland and Holland. Covering 1300 drug drug molecules, the study describes gene expression changes specifically...

Longer processing times at Wallenberg laboratory due to summer holidays

26 Jun 2017

The summer vacation period is starting and KM Wallenberg, KIMM and KCTT administrate requests as usual; however the vacation period will affect the daily work. Please be aware that: New accesses to KM-W will be limited during July until August 11th Establishment of new groups will be limited during...
Animal experiment

The presence of the protein KIF1Bβ can play a central role for the outcome of a neuroblastoma diagnosis

26 Jun 2017

A high percentage of KIF1Bβ means a greater chance of the tumour spontaneously regressing and disappearing. These are the results of a study by Karolinska Institutet (KI) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Ltd. The study is to be published in the scientific journal Genes and Development...
Cancer and Oncology

Contact with NVS management during the summer

23 Jun 2017

E-mails to the NVS management is best sent to . During the summer, the following persons will serve as the Head of department resp. the Head of Administration at NVS. Week 25 Acting Head of Department, Kristina Johnell Acting Head of Administration, Mona Hellstadius Week 26 Head...

Thank you Caroline and Eva for your time at NVS!

23 Jun 2017

On Friday, June 16th, Caroline Kåhre, Controller, and Eva Wichert, Financial Officer, both of whom finishes their employment at NVS during this summer, were celebrated. NVS wishes both of them the best of luck in the future, and thank them for all of their work efforts at the department!

The best thing about working at NVS? My colleagues!

21 Jun 2017

On June 13, the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) had a summer lunch. About 200 co-workers attended at Winterviken to celebrate the past year’s successes and newly appointed professors, associate professors and lecturers. Maria Eriksdotter , Head of NVS, gave a speech in...
Care SciencesNeurobiologyOrganisationSociety

Personal mobile platform helps prevent spread of HIV

20 Jun 2017

While mobile platforms are becoming an increasingly common medical and public health tool, there are few evaluations of their effectiveness. A new joint doctoral thesis from Karolinska Institutet and Stellenbosch University, South Africa, shows that using mobile platforms for recently circumcised...
Global HealthHIVInternational

Kajsa Wing receives Crafoord Prize research grant

14 Jun 2017

Assistant Professor Kajsa Wing has been awarded a research grant of 160 000 SEK in this year’s Crafoord Prize.

Summer recess in the LAS Education & Training unit July 1st to August 6th

14 Jun 2017

During this period the LAS E&T unit will not carry out course verifications competence assessments granting access to courses (online or onsite) We wish you a nice summer and an educative fall semester!
Animal experimentCourse

Seminars to the course: ‘Current topics in infection biology’

13 Jun 2017

CIM seminars autumn 2017: On Wednesdays at 13.00, starting from August 23, we will have seminars from an excellent list of speakers representing different areas of research. Please, see the preliminary programme for details. For students registered to the course ‘Current topics in infection biology...