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Yvonne Brehmer has been appointed Associate Professor in psychology

29 Mar 2017

Yvonne Brehmer has been appointed Associate Professor (docent) in psychology at the department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society at KI. Her research interests include cognitive plasticity and training across the lifespan and neural correlates of age-related cognitive changes. Yvonne’s...

"We want to inspire older peolpe to lifestyle changes"

29 Mar 2017

Miia Kivipelto and Krister Håkansson have written the cover article in the coming issue of Scientific American (April 2017). The article describes the results of the FINGER study and how the NBN (Nordic Brain Network) research team is working to follow up on these. "The magazine's global reach...

Dissertation 20 April 2017: Fei Yang

29 Mar 2017

On Thursday April 20, Fei Yang will defend his thesis " Can Parkinson’s disease be prevented? - epidemiological evidence on lifestyle factors ". His opponent is Professor Beate Ritz from the University of California, Los Angeles. His supervisors are Karin Wirdefeldt, Nancy Pedersen, and Fang Fang...
EpidemiologyParkinson's disease

Two junior researchers at OnkPat receives funding for their positions from the Swedish Cancer Society

28 Mar 2017

Christofer Juhlin receives funding for six years at part time 50% via the Junior Clinical Investigator Award from the Swedish Cancer Society. The project is entitled ”Utilization of whole-genome sequencing to improve diagnosis, prognostication and treatment of thyroid cancer”. In addition,...
Cancer and OncologyFunding

Space matters! Part 2 - Informal learning. Podcast MedEdTalk

26 Mar 2017

What has hotel lobbies, Italian piazzas and popular cafés to do with learning spaces at universities? And why does Karolinska Institutet got a Harry Potter library? Teresa Sörö talks about informal learning spaces with Dr Jonas Nordquist and their experiences from the project "Future Learning...

New Silvia doctors graduated

24 Mar 2017

At a degree ceremony on 22 March, seven doctors graduated from the Silvia program. The ceremony took place in connection with the Silviahemmet’s inspirational day, and Her Majesty Queen Silvia handed out the diplomas to the new doctors.
DementiaMaster programme

Yvonne Wengström appointed responsible for nursing within the theme Cancer at the Karolinska University Hospital

24 Mar 2017

Yvonne Wengström, professor and academic nurse, has been appointed as responsible for nursing within the Theme Cancer at the Karolinska University Hospital. Further information on Yvonne Wengström .
Cancer and OncologyCare SciencesOrganisation

ToxMaster programme celebrated 40 years at IMM and KI

24 Mar 2017

Successful celebration of 40 years of education in toxicology at KI and IMM on 25 November 2016 The celebration started with an open seminar in Aula Medica entitled “Toxicology for the future”. The programme included an overview of toxicology and the programme since the start in 1976 and highlights...

Welcome all new co-workers at NVS!

24 Mar 2017

At the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, every co-worker´s contribution is important, and we are therefore very pleased to present the co-workers who recently started to work at our department! Warmly welcome! Research assistant Hevgin Alagündüz Organizational unit: ARC (Aging...
Care SciencesNeurobiologyOrganisationSociety

Wallenberg Clinical Scholar for research on pneumococcal infections

23 Mar 2017

Birgitta Henriques Normark, photo: Markus Marcetic/KVA. KI researcher Birgitta Henriques Normark has been appointed Wallenberg Clinical Scholar 2017. She is granted SEK 15 million to find out how new strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria form and become resistant to antibiotics. The...

OnkPat professor earns prestigeous grant from ERC

23 Mar 2017

Klas Wiman , professor at the department of Oncology-Pathology has been awarded a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for the project "Restoration of tumor suppressor function by induction of translational read-through of premature termination codons - a strategy for improved cancer...
Cancer and OncologyGrant

Erika Franzén appointed Director of R&D for the Allied Health Professional Function

22 Mar 2017

Starting from January 2017, Erika Franzén's employment as a senior lecturer at Karolinska Institutet's, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society is combined with an employment as a physiotherapist at the Karolinska University Hospital. Within the frames of her work at the hospital,...
Care Sciences

Anna-Maria Loimi new coordinator for the Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences and the Strategic Research Area Health Care Science

21 Mar 2017

Starting from March 8, Anna-Maria Loimi is the new administrative coordinator for the Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences and the Strategic Research Area Health Care Science. Earlier, Anna-Maria Loimi worked with sustainable development, finance and communications.
Care Sciences

New thesis on genetic alterations in children with leukemia

20 Mar 2017

Ingegerd Ivanov Öfverholm from the group Clinical Genetics will defend her thesis "Identification and evaluation of novel prognostic genetic markers for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia" on March 24, 2017. Main supervisor is associate professor Gisela Barbany. What's the main focus of your...

Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences announces project funds for partial funding of doctoral education

20 Mar 2017

Last date for application is 19th of May 2017. Eligible to apply are researchers, refers to the main applicant who is also the supervisor, employed at KI. Research projects of high scientific quality with relevance for education at a doctoral level may apply. 15 positions for doctoral candidates...

Space Matters! Part 1 - Formal learning. Podcast MedEdTalk

19 Mar 2017

How can we design classrooms so it fits, not only for todays learning activities bur also tomorrows? Teresa Sörö and Jonas Nordquist talks about Karolinska Institutet's project "Future Learning environments" Listen to "Formal Learning Environments" on Spreaker.

New IMM report

15 Mar 2017

Lithium, boron, cesium and other potentially toxic metals in Swedish well water Authors: Florencia Harari, Lena Maxe, Marie Vahter Download report There are no reported data on concentrations of lithium and stable cesium (not radioactive) in Swedish well water, and limited data on boron...

Parenthood linked to longer life

14 Mar 2017

A recent article by Karin Modig and co-workers have brought attention in the media, even internationally. Publication Modig K, Talbäck M, Torssander J, Ahlbom A Payback time? Influence of having children on mortality in old age J Epidemiol Community Health Published Online First: 14 March 2017. doi...

Review in Seminars in Cancer Biology

10 Mar 2017

Researchers at OnkPat together with Italian researchers review recent studies on the acidic tumor environment and how this affects tumor growth and therapeutic efficacy. The tumor environment is characterized by a low pH. Besides contributing to tumor pathogenesis, the low pH can also negatively...
Cancer and OncologyPublication

Follow-up of medical students’ research productivity and career preferences 2 years after a research project course.

10 Mar 2017

Riitta Möller and Maria Shoshan have recently published a paper in BMC Medical Education: " Medical students’ research productivity and career preferences; a 2-year prospective follow-up study ". The article is a follow-up study of some 400 medical students 2 years after the mandatory research...

Doctoral Grants from Norrbacka-Eugenia Foundation to Lisa Holmlund

10 Mar 2017

Lisa Holmlund, a PhD student at the Division of Occupational Therapy, has been awarded SEK 800 000 from Norrbacka-Eugenia Foundation for her project "Return to Work: Exploring Paths to work after spinal cord injury and designing a rehabilitation intervention." The project aims to develop knowledge...
Care SciencesDoctoral studentGrant

New potential target for breast cancer treatment

10 Mar 2017

Researchers at OnkPat have found that breast cancer stem cells are dependent on a certain estrogen receptor to survive. The findings, which are presented in Journal of the National Cancer Institute opens up for new treatment strategies for breast cancer. Most forms of breast cancer are dependent on...
Breast cancerPublication

“I wanted to work with something challenging”

07 Mar 2017

In 2016, Sidinh Luc was made a Wallenberg Academy Fellow and she has now returned from the USA to start her own research group at the Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine . What does this distinction mean to you? – It was of crucial importance to enable me to move back to Sweden in order...
Cell and Molecular BiologyHematology

Hydraulic forces help to fill the heart

06 Mar 2017

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have contributed to a recent discovery that the heart is filled with the aid of hydraulic forces, the same as those involved in hydraulic brakes in cars. The findings, which are presented in the journal Scientific...
Cardiovascular DiseasesPhysiology

Cecilia Fridén employed as an adjunct lecturer in physiotherapy

06 Mar 2017

Starting from February 2017, Cecilia Fridén is employed as an adjunct lecturer in physiotherapy with a specialization within education at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society. The appointment is a collaboration with the Karolinska University Hospital and covers 20 percent of a...

New treatment for childhood cancer demonstrate increased survival

02 Mar 2017

Neuroblastoma only develops in babies and small children, usually before the age of two. An international team of scientists, including researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital, have conducted a clinical study on a new treatment for high-risk neuroblastoma...
Cancer and OncologyPediatrics

Medical yoga in the workplace setting−perceived stress and work ability−a feasibility study

01 Mar 2017

Authors: Iben Axén Gabriella Follin Published abstract: In this quasi-experimental feasibility study, the conduction of a work-place intervention with Medical Yoga was examined. Recruiting participating work units through the unit managers was...

Georg Klein - a pioneering cancer biologist and Renaissance man

01 Mar 2017

Three researchers at Karolinska Institute have published a warm tribute to the late Georg Klein in Nature entitled "A pioneering cancer biologist and Renaissance man." The life and achievements of Georg Klein, who died on 10 December at the age of 91, are described by Professors Ingemar Ernberg,...

Angel Cedazo-Minguez appointed a Professor of Molecular Neuro Geriatrics

01 Mar 2017

Angel Cedazo-Minguez, active at the Division of Neurogeriatrics, has been appointed a Professor of Molecular Neuro Geriatrics at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), this from 15 January 2017.

Dissertation 17 March 2017: Märit Halmin

27 Feb 2017

On Friday March 17, Märit Halmin will defend her thesis " Transfusion in critically ill patients: short- and long-term outcomes ". Her opponent is associate professor Daryl Kor from the Mayo Clinic, Department of Anesthesiology. Her supervisors are Gustaf Edgren, Agneta Wikman and Anders Östlund...

New division name - Family Medicine renamed Family Medicine and Primary Care

27 Feb 2017

As of 1 March, 2017, the Division of Family Medicine will have a new name: Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care. Since long, the division has had a focus on the entire primary health care, and not just from a family medicine perspective. Education, doctoral education and research at the...

Cold can help burn dangerous fat

24 Feb 2017

New research findings show severe cold can switch harmful visceral fat to energy consuming beneficial fat. This discovery highlighted in a newly published research article, "Switching harmful visceral fat to beneficial energy combustion improves metabolic dysfunctions", offers a new method for...
Cancer and OncologyMicrobiology

Biological effects and therapeutic potential of NGF in Alzheimer´s

23 Feb 2017

Hi Helga Eyjolfsdottir, you recently defended your thesis "Nerve growth factor in Alzheimer´s disease: biological effects and therapeutic potential" at the Division of Clinical Geriatrics.. What´s the main focus of your thesis? "The main focus of the thesis is to explore the therapeutic potential...
AlzheimerDoctoral studentNeurobiologyNeurodegenerative diseases

State visitors from Canada learned more about ARC’s research

22 Feb 2017

On Tuesday 21 February the Aging Research Center was visited by Her Excellency Sharon Johnston and the Queen of Sweden. The visit took place in conjunction with the state visit by the Governor General and his wife to Sweden at the invitation of the King. Her Excellency Sharon Johnston and the Queen...

New thesis on Cardiovascular disease in dementia

21 Feb 2017

Hi Pavla Cermakova, you recently defended your thesis "Cardiovascular disease in dementia" at the Division of Neurogeriatrics.. What´s the main focus of your research? "My thesis concerns cardiovascular disease in patients with several dementia disorders – Alzheimer´s disease, mixed dementia,...
Cardiovascular DiseasesDementiaDoctoral student

Register now for Pain Science in Motion in 2017!

20 Feb 2017

During 24 and 25 March, the Pain Science in Motion in 2017 congress takes place. It is the only conference on pain science with a special focus on PhD students working within the field. The focus is on research methods in pain sciences, rather than research findings or (clinical) applications of...
Pain research

Inger Tjergefors is retiring after 15 years at KI

20 Feb 2017

In late January, Inger Tjergefors retired after 15 years of working at Karolinska Institutet and the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society. She was celebrated by many co-workers with cake and warm wishes for the future. During her time at the department Inger Tjergefors worked with...

Mosquito net better for groin hernia at no extra cost

17 Feb 2017

Using sterilised mosquito net instead of commercial mesh for repairing inguinal (groin) hernias opens the way for improved care without an increase in cost for low-income countries. This according to a study conducted in rural Uganda by researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Umeå University and...
Global HealthSurgery

Eric Westman appointed as senior lecturer in neurogeriatric image analysis

15 Feb 2017

Eric Westman has been appointed as senior lecturer in neurogeriatric image analysis at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), this from 15 January 2017. "As a senior lecturer in neuro-geriatric image analysis, I look forward to continue doing research and teach in this...

New method reduces adverse effects of rectal cancer treatment

10 Feb 2017

A new study from Karolinska Institutet shows that short-course preoperative radiotherapy combined with delayed surgery reduces the adverse side-effects of rectal cancer surgery without compromising its efficacy. The results are presented in the journal The Lancet Oncology. Rectal cancer affects...

Johan Ärnlöv appointed a Professor of Family Medicine

09 Feb 2017

Starting from 1 March 2017, John Ärnlöv starts his new job as a Professor of Family Medicine at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Division of Family Medicine. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to work as a Professor of Family Medicine at Karolinska Institutet and hope...

Dentmed goes international

09 Feb 2017

Karolinska Institutet is ranked as one of the world's top universities for the subject dental and now the Department of Dental Medicine starts cooperation with several other leading universities in the world. As a part of this internationalization project the institution, holds a research retreat...

New thesis on hip arthroplasty

07 Feb 2017

Henrik Dahlstrand from the research group Orthopaedics will defend his thesis "Evaluation of a metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty" on February 10, 2017. Main Supervisor is Rüdiger Weiss. What´s the main focus of your thesis? We have for 17 years been following patients with a new model of total...

The recipe for fighting global maternal mortality

06 Feb 2017

Dr Susanne Sjöström at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health has recently presented her doctoral thesis on abortion care in India, Sweden and elsewhere. Read more at KI-news:

“Snus” users run greater risk of type 2 diabetes

06 Feb 2017

Consuming one or more pot of “snus” – Swedish snuff or dipping tobacco – per day increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 70 per cent. This is the same risk increase as previously seen for smokers who smoke one packet of cigarettes a day. The study on the effects of snus was conducted by...

Dissertation 24 Feb 2017: Jie Song

03 Feb 2017

On Feb 24, Jie Song will defend her thesis " Bipolar disorder and lithium treatment etiologies and consequences ". Her opponent is Professor Thomas G. Schulze from the University of Munich. Her supervisors are Paul Lichtenstein, Mikael Landén, Sarah E. Bergen och Arvid Sjölander. Jie has studied...
EpidemiologyPsychiatric disordersTreatment

Anders Kottorp new dean for the Faculty of Health and Society at Malmö University

02 Feb 2017

Starting from the fall of 2017, Anders Kottorp senior lecturer and researcher within the field of Occupational Therapy at NVS, will start a new job as professor and dean for the Faculty of Health and Society at Malmö University. “The academic, strategic leadership gives me energy, especially in a...
Occupational TherapyOrganisationProfessor

Jonas Ludvigsson awarded prize from Dagens Medicin

01 Feb 2017

Professor Jonas Ludvigsson has been awarded "Stora debattpriset 2016 inom medicin” ( Grand prize in medical debate ), by the medical newspaper Dagens medicin. The prize nomination reads: ”…for Jonas’ ability to look beyond his own medical specialty and show how seemingly small things can have a...

Several research grants to CIM

31 Jan 2017

Researchers at Center for Infectious Medicine (CIM) received several research grants in the end of last year. Niklas Björkström is appointed Wallenberg Academy Fellow, a program funded by Knut and Alice Wallenberg’s Stiftelse. He also receives grants from CIMED (Centre for Innovative Medicine) and...

New thesis on different methods to foresee local tumor stage in prostate cancer

30 Jan 2017

Fredrik Jäderling at the research group Diagnostic Radiology will defend his thesis "Preoperative local staging of prostate cancer : aspects on predictive models, magnetic resonance imaging and interdisciplinary teamwork" on February 3, 2017. Main Supervisor is Professor Lennart Blomqvist. What's...