Neuroscience behavior-analysis resources

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Neuroscience Behavior-Analysis Resources (NBR) was initiated in 2011 as a joint venture between the Department of Neuroscience and the Strategic Neuroscience initiative to provide a sustainable infrastructure for characterization and validation of rodent models in translational research of human brain disorders.

NBR is located in a newly renovated wing of the Department’s animal facility and encompasses seven laboratories equipped for behavioral testing of mice and two laboratories for behavioral analysis of rats. One sound-shielded room is shared for mice and rats and dedicated to recordings of ultrasonic vocalizations and tests such PPI and Startle. NBR offers the neuroscience community a range of analysis tools probing memory, cognition, emotionality, attention and sensory-motor functions as well as in-house validated protocols for basic tests. NBR is run by a site manager and opened in 2012 while still in the process of procuring equipment. NBR’s resources can be booked through the Department’s website.

A second mission of the NBR is to host seminars presenting international experts and to coordinate training courses for PhD students and postdocs.

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Director: Ole Kiehn.

Operative Manager: Stefan Spulber (Retzius), Alina Codita (NVS).

Planning committee: Konstantinos Meletis, Rochellys Diaz Heijtz.

swim maze

Learning to find the submerged platform (red circle) through spatial cues. On day one (A) of the training, the mouse (blue swim track) fails to find its way to the platform. On day 5 (B) of training, the platform is found after a short swim.