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This page will help you find helplines and websites for help and advice in Sweden.

If you need urgent help call 112 directly


Do you need someone to listen?

Here are some helplines and websites that you can contact if you need help or advice.

National helpline; 020-22 00 60. Every day 13-22.

Parents telephone; 020 85 20 00

BRIS - Childline 0200 - 230 230. Adultline - about children 077-150 50 50

HBTQ thoughts around bi and homosexuality; 020-59 59 00

SPES - for you who has lost a relative; 08-34 58 73. Every day 19-22

Red cross; 0771-900 800. Every day 14-22

On Duty Friend (Red cross); 020-222 444

On Duty Neighbour; 08-702 16 80. 21 - 06

Resource material for suicide prevention from WHO

WHO has produced 11 publications on Suicide Prevention since 2000 from the SUPRE research.

The overall objective of the SUPRE project is to reduce mortality and morbidity due to suicidal behaviours, to break the taboo surrounding suicide, and to bring together national authorities and the public in an integrated manner to overcome the challenges.

Read more about the SUPRE activities on the WHO website

Preventing Suicide: a resource series

The booklets in Preventing Suicide: a resource series are addressed to specific social and professional groups that are particularly relevant to the prevention of suicide, and include resources for the following:

Preventing Suicide: a resource for police, firefighters and other first line responders

Preventing suicide: a resource for general physicians

Preventing suicide: a resource for media professionals

Preventing suicide: a resource for teachers and other school staff

Preventing suicide: a resource for primary health care workers

Preventing suicide: a resource for prison officers

Preventing suicide in jails and prisons

Preventing suicide: how to start a survivors group

Preventing suicide: a resource for counsellors

Preventing suicide: a resource at work

These resources are available in Swedish and can be found on the following link:

Stödmaterial om suicidprevention


National Association for Suicide Prevention and support for survivors - SPES

SPES (latin word meaning Hope) is a Swedish National Association for relatives and friends of someone who has taken their life.

SPES - for surviving relatives
SPES is a nationwide nonprofit organization that is politically and religiously independent
SPES is for everyone who lost a family member, relative, partner or friend to suicide
SPES is working on a national, regional and local level, through: contacts, a hotline which is open every evening, training, meetings and self-help groups and by providing information and changing attitudes.
SPES has a youth section with their own contact and operations in different parts of the country.
SPES produces a magasine 'Forget me not (in Swedish)' four times a year
SPES would like to increase awareness of suicide as a social and public health problem and combat issues around prejudice and taboo.
SPES has a vision of a suicide free Sweden

For more information you visit their websites or call their helpline:

SPES helpline 19.00 - 22.00 - 08-34 58 73
SPES i Stockholm


Suicide prevention news letter

Every year, we prouduce around 20 Suicide prevention news letters, which are sent out to over 300 subscribers in Sweden and the Stockholm-Gotland regional suicide prevention network. The letter is also sent to representatives from NGO's and the Swedish Church.

The suicide preventive newsletter is produced by the Regional Suicide Prevention Network: Stockholm/Gotland.

Steering group: Danuta Wasserman (NASP), Gergö Hadlaczky (NASP), Per Anders Rydelius (Psykisk Hälsa) och Gunilla Wahlén (SPES)

Editors: Danuta Wasserman (NASP), Gergö Hadlaczky (NASP), Birgit Frisén-Andersson (NASP), Rigmor Stain (Editor and contact person betweed the network and NASP.)

Suicide prevention newsletters from NASP

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter (in Swedish), wish to become a member of the Stockholm-Gotland suicide prevention network, or have any other questions contact Rigmor Stain on the email below.