Sven Hoffner Project

The Sven Hoffner Project

Bacteriologist Sven Hoffner has since 2014 a part time position as Senior Research at MTC. He is also working at the Public Health Agency of Sweden, where he is responsible for the WHO Supranational Reference Laboratory for drug resistant TB.

His research project group includes Ass Prof Yi Hu from Fudan University Shanghai and Dr Jim Werngren. The research is focused on Tuberculosis and mycobacteriology, especially drug resistant TB. Various aspects of this, such as development and transmission of drug resistant M tuberculosis strains, mechanism of resistance and the role of molecular tests to detect resistant related mutations indicating clinically relevant drug resistance. Another related area is the activity of new anti-TB compounds, Dr Hoffner’s group were actively involved in the preclinical investigation of Bedaquiline, the first specific TB drug coming to market in 40 years. 

Sven Hoffner is Swedish PI for a major VR project focused on the control of drug resistant TB in China, and was recently appointed an adjunct full professorship at the San Diego State University.


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