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Marie Arsenian Henriksson, Professor

MTC Today and Towards 2015

I guess all MTCers have different images of our department but at the same time we have some pictures in common. The first that comes to my mind are all the people, present and past that are or ever have been working at MTC. Our Department has an exceptional diversity with students and researchers from all over the globe all contributing to the scientific platform and enriching each others working and social life.

The fight against infections and cancer worldwide are two of the major goals of the research at MTC. The merge of infection biology, immunology and cancer research provides a unique platform where fruitful interactions are developed. It is our challenge to maintain MTC as a leading institution, both at the national and international level, in science and education. To achieve this we need to provide optimal conditions for frontline research, as well as for teaching of undergraduate and graduate students. Looking in the future, it is essential to optimize our recruitment policy to ensure the next generation of excellent scientists and teachers. Key words are multidisciplinary, bridging, translational, national and international collaborations.

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Marie Arsenian-Henriksson

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