Research on Infectious Diseases

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Research on infectious diseases is very broad and inludes many research groups at the Department of Medicine, Solna.

The interaction between experimental and clinical microbiology, epidemiology, biostatistics, public health and clinical infection research is large.

Ongoing research areas are

  • HIV
  • Malaria
  • Inflammation immunology
  • Tuberculosis and bacterial respiratory infections
  • Resistance against antibiotics
  • CNS infections

Research areas

Research group Research area
Kristina Broliden Biology of HIV transmission and mucosal antiviral immune responses
Anna Färnert Malaria: molecular epidemiology, immunity and interventions
Jonas Hedlund Respiratory medicin
Adnane Achour

Structural and Biophysical Immunobiology.


Petter Brodin Systems immunology analyses for understanding human immune system variation.