Research groups, CIM

 Group leader

Research focus
Antonio Barragan Pathogenesis of Toxoplasma gondii infections
Peter Bergman

Induction of Antimicrobial Peptides - a Novel Strategy to Prevent or Treat Infections

Niklas Björkström Human tissue-resident NK cells
Susanna Brighenti  Discovery of pathogenesis in human tuberculosis
Benedict Chambers

NK cells in the development of adaptive immune responses

Malin Flodström-Tullberg Type 1 diabetes research group
Sara Gredmark Russ Viruses and their interactions with the immune system
Jonas Klingström

Understanding the mechanisms behind hantavirus-mediated pathogenesis

Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren Human NK cells in health and disease
Kalle Malmberg Natural Killer Cell Biology and Cell Therapy
Jakob Michaelsson Development, regulation and function of human natural killer cells in healthy and virus infected individuals
Jenny Mjösberg Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs)
Markus Moll Viral strategies to evade innate immune mechanisms
Anna Norrby-Teglund  Disease mechanisms in severe acute bacterial infections
Johan Sandberg Cellular immunity in viral infections
Anna-Lena Spetz HIV-1 immunogen discovery and immunomodulation of dendritic cells
Mattias Svensson Using human organotypic models to explore mechanisms of tissue homeostasis and inflammation

Tim Willinger

Immune system-microbiota crosstalk

Affiliated research groups

Karin Loré Vaccines against global epidemics 


Infectious Disease Medicine