Nandakumar Kutty Selva Group

Senior researcher

Nandakumar Kutty Selva

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 877 15
Organizational unit: Medical Inflammation Research

Specific Aims of Research

  1. To understand the pathogenic mechanisms and genes involved at the effector phase of arthritis using IgG antibodies
  2. To study specific cleavage of IgG as new avenue for treating inflammation
  3. To characterize biocompatible and biodegradable thermo-responsive polymers as new adjuvants
  4. To develop vaccine for arthritis by targeting complement factor 5
  5. To explore pathogenic and protective autoantibody interactions with chondrocytes
  6. To investigate how estrogen affects antibody synthesis, glycosylation and effector functions in arthritis

Main Supervisor for Ph.D. student

Gonzalo Fernandez (2014 -) - How estrogen affects antibody synthesis, glycosylation and effector functions in arthritis?

Co-supervisor for Ph.D. students

Gustaf Wigerblad (2011-) - Mechanisms of arthritis induced pain
Erik Lönnblom (2012-) - Environmental factors in arthritis
Alex Bersellini Farinotti (2014 -) - Electrophysiology of pain
Clara Marquina (2014 -) - Positional identification of inflammatory  genes

Mentor for Ph.D. student

Sakthi Vignesh (2014- ) - Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Karolinska University Hospital

Main Supervisor for Research Student

Daniëlle Vaartjes (Dec 2012 - Mar 2015)


Postdoctoral fellow

Akilesh Kumar Shakya (June 2012- May 2013) - Characterization of thermoresponsive polymers as adjuvants in arthritis. Present position: Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University, USA.

Ph.D. students

Main Supervision:

Dorota Klaczkowska, 120523, "Finding genes controlling arthritis in mice - Fc gamma receptors and complement C5", Medical Faculty, MBB, Karolinska Institute, opponent Associate Professor Sjef Verbeek, Leiden University, The Netherlands. Present Position: Postdoc, Department of Clinical Science and Education, Sodersjukhuset, Stockholm

Ia Khmaladze: 141208, "Understanding Inflammatory Mechanisms in Rheumatic Diseases",  Karolinska Institutet, opponent Ann Rothstein, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA. Present Position: Postdoc, Molecular Dermatology, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm.


Ingrid Lindh, 130412, "Autoantibody Recognition of Collagen Type II in Arthritis", Medical Faculty, MBB, Karolinska Institute.

Publications List