Jonas Axelsson Group

In the research group of Jonas Axelsson, we do translational research aimed at ameliorating chronic kidney diseases.

We are a small and newly established translational research team exploring a novel pathophysiological mechanism of broad clinical relevance.

At our labs in the central campus and in the clinical setting of the Center for Apheresis and Stem Cell Handling, both at the Karolinska institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, we work with cell lines, primary cell cultures, transgenic animals (zebrafish and mice) and patient materials. Our data is generated using conventional and novel biomedical methods in combination with advanced imaging, proteomic analysis and transgenic animals.

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Team Members

Jonas Axelsson - Principal Investigator

Jenny Rönnmark - Researcher

Meng Li - PhD Student

Bim Immerdahl - Technician

Mariane Fràguas - Postdoc

Maryam Hult - Postdoc

Kan Katayama - visiting scientist