Human Resources at MBB

The Human Resources function is responsible for giving support to the department in HR questions, that covers areas of:

  • Manager and employee support (that covers employees, scholarships holders, guest researchers etc.)
  • Labor law
  • Employment and contracts (for employees, not scholarships)
  • Recruitment, hiring and staffing
  • Introduction and termination
  • Redundancy and adaption
  • Competence maintenance
  • Performance management dialog
  • Salaries: statistics, yearly salary review, negotiations with union
  • Payments
  • Sick leave and rehabilitation planning 
  • Leave: leave of absence, vacation, parental leave etc.
  • Insurance
  • Working environment; social and organizational working environment, code of conduct
  • Health promotion and occupational health care - Previa
  • Equal treatment
  • KIMKAT administration, KI email accounts and associations
  • Primula web
  • Access cards to the MBB buildings.

Introduction to KI

KI have introductions days for all new staff. Each semester two introduction days is being held, one in English and one in Swedish. Info regarding the introduction days are being posted on Internwebben. You can also get a web based introduction of KI.

Welcome to KI

Moving to Sweden

Info regarding introduction days on Internwebben (in Swedish)


When planning to advertise, employ or offer a stipend, always contact Human Resources to discuss the conditions regarding the new position. All new recruitments at KI shall be advertised at KI´s job page.

Minimum advertisement is three weeks at KI´s job page. Listed below are some examples of recruitment channels that you can use for your advert.

Free of charge

KI's job page


At a cost

Nature Jobs - 9 900 SEK.

Monster - 5 900 SEK.

Blocket - 1 400 SEK.


  • PhD - 1 200 SEK.
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Assistant professor, Researcher etc. - 2 400 SEK.
  • Professor - 3 600 SEK.

All of these options require a ZZ-code. After the recruitment is processed and closed, all candidates can appeal the decision. The appeal must be submitted within three weeks. This does not apply to Doctoral positions or Scholarship advertisements.

An expert opinion must be obtained when advertising for positions such as Assistant professors and Researchers.

More information about regulations and fee levels for experts on Internwebben

For permanent employment, advertising will always occur at KI, the Head of Department makes the decision regarding the announcement of a permanent position at MBB. If you want to know more, KI´s recruitment process contains guidance and notes for the various stages during the employment procedure, relating to the different categories below.

Recruitment guide on Internwebben

Prospective doctoral students

Employment as FOU, trainees, other appointment or stipend for maximum one year, requires registration for a preparatory research course, other course at KI or another university that collaborates with KI.

Scholarship regulations at Karolinska Institutet

Doctoral students

Registration as a doctoral student is required; conditions for employment are established for each individual syllabus.

Rules for doctoral education

Post doc

The post doc period is the five years following the public defense of a doctoral thesis. For example, can time be deducted for parental leave or leave of absence?

Employment as a post doc can have a duration of maximum four years, two years in accordance with ALVA (general temporary employment), two years in accordance with PKA (post doc in accordance with the Collective Agreement). The post doc stipend can be given to foreign students with a foreign PhD for a maximum of two years.

Scholarship regulations at Karolinska Institutet


  • Senior researcher - temporary, maximum two years.
  • Research assistant - temporary two plus two years. This also applies to all agreements entered into after this period and shall always be advertised and externally reviewed.

Recruitment of a University senior lecturer or recruitment of a Professor shall be approved by the Recruitment Committee at KI at the request of the Head of Department.

Technical administrative staff

Temporary, maximum two years.

Work hours

The normal hours of work for full-time employees are 40 hours a week. Ordinary working hours for a full-time employee are 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day. If working hours exceed more than 6 hours per day, the work shall be interrupted for a break that is at least 30 minutes long and that is not included in the working hours.

Teachers, researchers and PhD students do not have regulated working hours; it’s up to you and your supervisor to plan how you will spend your working hours.

Payment of salaries

Salaries are paid on the 25th of every month. If this date falls on a Saturday, the salary is paid on the previous Friday, and if it falls on a Sunday, the salary is paid on the following Monday.

Bank account

Employees are responsible for registering their bank account in Swedbank's account register in order to get their salary tranfered to their bank account. Notify Swedbank about how you want your salary handled.

More information about salary on the Staff Portal

Tax assessment notice

All new employees that receive a salary or educational allowance shall submit a tax assessment notice to HR-department. The tax assessment notice can be ordered from the Swedish Tax Agency.


Payslips can be collected directly from the PA Web by the employee. KI do not send any payslips by post. You can find your payslip on the PA-web. You log in with the same KI-ID that you use for your e-mail.

More information about your employment on the Staff Portal


As a government employee you are covered by a group life insurance and an occupational accident and injury insurance from your first day of employment.

Scholarship holders and students are also covered by insurance from KI.

More information about insurance on the Staff Portal

Insurance when travelling

When travelling on business, always remember to bring a Travel Insurance Card, which you can obtain from your human resources coordinator. This is especially important when travelling outside the Nordic region and Europe.

If you are a Swedish citizen and registered at Försäkringskassan, you should bring the European Health Insurance Card when travelling within the EU.

Order the European Health Insurance Card from Försäkringskassan

Leave due to illness

The workplace shall be notified the same day of illness. Please send an e-mail to as soon as possible when you are off sick, and this will be registered. When you return to work, you need to report the fact that you are no longer ill yourself in the PA-web.

In the event of illness lasting more than 7 days, a doctor’s certificate must be sent to the human resources. In the event of illness lasting more than 14 days, the employee must provide the workplace with a copy of the certificate and send the original to the Social Insurance Office. The employer notifies the Social Insurance Office of the first day of illness on day 15.

Care of a sick child

Leave due to sick child should be notified in the PA-web. Remember to report leave for care of a sick child to Försäkringskassan on the same day; otherwise you will not receive any compensation. Notification of parental leave shall be made via PA Web.

Log in to the PA-web

More information about Försäkringskassan

Parental leave

Notification of parental leave must be given at least two months before the planned leave. To have the right to the parental salary, the employee must have been employed and in service at KI for at least three months. Information about levels of compensation from Försäkringskassan (the Social Insurance Office).

The parental salary compensation is paid out monthly in relation to the length of the leave, and is paid out for a maximum of 360 days, available until the child is 36 months old. 10% of the daily wage for salary components up to the base price amount ceiling, 90% of the daily wage for salary components that exceed the base price amount ceiling.

More information about parental salary compensation on Internwebben