E.g., 2017-12-17
E.g., 2017-12-17

Tuesday 19 December

10:30 to 12:00

Half-time seminar: Belén Espinosa Fernández

Seminar room Marie, Scheele laboratory, Scheeles väg 2
Campus Solna
"Targeting cancer by increased oxidative stress in tumor cells" Supervisor: Elias Arnér Co-supervisor: Stig Linder Examination committee Olof Peter Rådmark Jan-Olov Höög Ingemar Ernberg
Half-time controls

MBB lunch seminar: Banushree Kumar

Large seminar room (in A3:311), Scheele laboratory, Scheeles väg 2
Campus Solna
“Time Lapsed Quantitative ChIPseq reveals Chromatin Dynamics” Speaker: Banushree Kumar For the department to be able to serve sandwiches for free at lunch seminars, we need to have a list of persons attending, so please put your name on the list circulating during the seminar.
Lectures and seminars

Wednesday 24 January


Dissertation: Aránzazu Rossignoli

Samuelssonsalen, Tomtebodavägen 6
Campus Solna
"Novel aspects of atherosclerosis: focusing on new target genes and the effect of cholesterol-lowering" Supervisor: Erika Folestad Co-supervisors: Josefin Skogsberg , Dick Wågsäter , Ulf Eriksson , Johan Björkegren

Monday 1 October

15:00 to 17:00

Epigenetics in the nervous system: development and disease

Biomedicum lecture hall, Solnavägen 9
Campus Solna
Three day conference on Epigenetics in the nervous system.
Conferences and symposiums
E.g., 2017-12-17
E.g., 2017-12-17