About the Department


The department was founded 1992 as a merger between the former departments of Physiological Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medical Biophysics. The department has a long heritage of internationally renowned research. Prominent researchers within MBB's area of research are Jöns Jacob Berzelius, who among other things discovered the element Selenium, Nobel Prize laureate Hugo Theorell (for discovering the oxidation enzyme and its effects), Sune Bergström and Bengt Samuelsson (for discoveries concerning leukotriens and prostaglandins).


The Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB) conducts research in basic science, particularly focusing on discovering the mechanisms that cause diseases. Many of the diseases studied are common diseases and some are also linked to poverty.

Presently, MBB consists of 11 research divisions which are involved in teaching and research within the fields of protein chemistry, redox biochemistry, metabolism, lipid research, inflammation research, structural biochemistry, molecular biochemistry, tissue biology, and developmental biology.


The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics consist of the following:

Eleven research divisions
Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching
Core facilities

Diagram of the Organisational Structure of MBB. Click image for (larger) PDF version.


Head of administration

Jill Blomstrand

Phone: 08-524 876 87
Organizational unit: Administration and service
E-mail: Jill.Blomstrand@ki.se

Anna Bengtsson JemtFinancial assistant
Anneli SvarénAdministrator
Chad TunellIT supervisor
Dana Omar GoranTechnical assistant
Emma PelarhagenHR coordinator
Jill BlomstrandHead of administration
Johanna SandeliusFinance administrator
Lina RowlandHR coordinator
Lottie Jansson SjöstrandResearch engineer
Natalia DeminDeputy head of administration, Accounting supervisor
Shagufta AnwarTechnical assistant
Svante BacklundCustodian
Torbjörn HaglöfSuperintendent