Teaching and Learning in Higher Education – on campus or online

Since 2010 more than 550 of KI’s teachers have taken a UME course in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, either on campus or online. The course has helped them to get a deeper understanding of educational theory and practice.

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is open to everybody who teaches or supervises students at KI. The course can be taken both on campus or online which means that KI’s teachers can choose an alternative which fits their needs and their often busy schedules.

The vast majority of the participants are satisfied with the course Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - 86% say that the course has been a rewarding experience for them (5 or 6 on a scale from 1-6, courses given 2010-2014). The flexibility of the course design is appreciated as well as the opportunity to learn with and from other group members.

Teachers and supervisors from all of KI’s institutions take part in the courses which opens opportunities for learning together with colleagues who have different experiences and backgrounds. Among the learners you’ll find for example medical doctors, nurses, researchers, librarians, and doctoral students. The institutions with the largest number of course participants since 2010 are

  • Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society: 60 participants
  • Clinical Neuroscience: 40 participant
  • Medicine, Solna: 40 participants

A central concept in the course is student-centred teaching which is a new and welcome perspective for many participants.

The most important thing for me has been to change my perspective, to shift my focus from how I am doing in order to teach, to what the students do in order to learn (participant , spring term 2010)

The course gives new insight on education theory and practice even for those who have already been teaching a lot during their career. Many participants value the theoretical background on pedagogy and teaching that they earn during the course. They see the course as a welcome opportunity to discuss teaching and learning with colleagues from different parts of KI.

This has been a fantastic eye-opener for me. I have been teaching for several years without any background in pedagogics! (participant, spring term 2012)