Research - completed projects

Theory use in medical education

How is theory connected to in medical education publications?

Method: Qualitative document analysis/ review


Klara Bolander Laksov, Tim Dornan, Pim Teunissen

Development of a Doctoral Supervision Perspectives Questionnaire, DoSPeQ

How can we understand the roles taken in doctoral supervision?

Method: inventory development


Klara Bolander Laksov, Maria Weurlander (KTH), Juha Nieminen

Review of initiatives aiming for integration of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in medical education

How may successful inititives to integrate theory and practice be explained by underlying learning principles? and
How are successful initiatives related to design characteristics and their outcomes as reported in publications?

Method: Realist review


Klara Bolander Laksov, Anna Josephson

Educational Leadership and the support of the university as a learning organisation

How may educational leadership be conceptualised?
How may different intervention impact educational leadership at micro, meso and macro level?

Methods: Narrative enquiry, focus group interviews, questionnaires


Klara Bolander Laksov, Tanja Tomson, Cormac McGrath, Teresa Söderhjelm

PhD projects

Educational environments in health professions education

How do we understand and conceptualise educational environments?
How can educational environments be explored methodologically and how can we understand those explorations?

Methods: Quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews

Per Palmgren defended his thesis with the title It takes two to tango: an inquiry into healthcare professional education environments in January 2016


Klara Bolander Laksov, Gunnar Nilsson, Tobias Sundström, Ingrid Lindquist

Enactment of educational policy and change in Medical Education institutions

How is policy enacted in medical education?
How is change enacted by change agents?

Methods: Narrative enquiry, Hermeneutics

Linda Barman defended her thesis with the title Striving for autonomy: health sciences teachers' enactment of policy 20 March 2015


Klara Bolander Laksov, Charlotte Silén

Master’s project

Clinical supervisors’ experiences of trust

Aim and Scope

The aim with the study is to explore different perspectives on trust and entrustable activities among

clinical supervisors at a Swedish acute hospital. Even though clinical supervisors are well aware of the importance of challenging their students as a way to stimulate learning there is a large variation among clinical supervisors regarding the reasons why and when they let the students perform patient interventions. Interviews with clinical supervisors will be conducted. A corresponding project has been conducted in California.

Project Management Team

Pernilla Lundh and Terese Stenfors-Hayes (KI&SLL)

Publications and Presentations

Karen E. Hauer (University of California, San Fransisco (UCSF),Sandra K. Oza(UCSF), Jennifer R. Kogan (UCSF), Corrie A. Stankiewicz (UCSF), Stenfors-Hayes, T., ten Cate, O. (UCSF), Batt, J., O’Sullivan, P (UCSF). How clinical supervisors form trust in their trainees: a qualitative study. In Press.

Medical students’ feedback regarding their clinical learning environment in primary health care 

Aim and Scope

The aim of the project is to explore medical students’ perceptions of the clinical learning environment in primary health care, and how their perceptions vary at different stages of the education.

Free text comments from course evaluations (using the Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision instrument) are being analyzed using qualitative content analysis.

Project Management Team

Helena Salminen and Terese Stenfors-Hayes (KI)

Publications and Presentations

Salminen, H., Stenfors-Hayes, T. (2015) Medical students’ perceptions of their clinical learning environment in primary healthcare at different stages of the education. Conference abstract AMEE