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CLK - Centre for Learning and Knowledge

HIC - Health Informatics Centre

MMC - Medical Management Centre

CHE - Centre for Healthcare Ethics

NASP - National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-health


Evaluation Unit

MedStat - Medical Statistics Unit

UBE - Unit for Bioentrepreneurship

UME - Unit for Medical Education

Research Groups

Clinical Management

Cultural Medicine

HEPM - Health systems and policy

HMEU - Health outcomes and economic evalutation

Health Economics and Policy

Health Innovations

Innovative care

LEAD - Leadership, evalutation and organisational development

LEED - Learning Environments & Educational Development

LET - Laboratory for Emerging Technologies

MINT - Medical Interaction Design Studio


P2I Care

QRC - Quality Register Centre

Pedagogical Encounters in Health Care



Head of department

Mats Brommels

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 869 30
Organizational unit: Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), C7

Head of administration

Pia Hartzell

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 863 60
Organizational unit: LIME administration


Sabine Koch

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 871 49
Organizational unit: Health Informatics Centre


Gert Helgesson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 837 67
Organizational unit: Centre for Healthcare Ethics (CHE)

Senior lecturer

Nabil Zary

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 871 29
Organizational unit: Laboratory for Emerging Technologies (LET)

Professor, senior

Danuta Wasserman

Organizational unit: National Prevention of Suicide and Mental III-Health

Co-operative Council

Mats Brommels, head of department, chair

Pia Hartzell, head of administration

Christer Sandahl, acting head of centres

Charlotte Klinga, safety representative

Niklas Juth, safety representative

Hannele Moisio, SACO-representative

Sokratis Nifakos, equity and equality representative

Cormac McGrath, alternate equity and equality representative

Petra Åhreus Bäckström, secretary

Institution Council

Mats Brommels, head of department

Pia Hartzell, head of administration

Sabine Koch, acting head of centres

Clas Rehnberg, teaching representative

Vasilis Hervatis, acting teaching representative

Cormac McGrath, teaching representative

Ann-Kristin Sandberg, acting teaching representative

Erik Attoff, TA - staff

Emma Karlsson, alternate TA - staff

Liisa Olsson, TA - staff

vacant, alternate TA - staff

Sokratis Nifakos, equal rights representative

Cormac McGrath, equal rights representative

Sara Tolf, doctoral student representative

Helena Strehlenert, alternate doctoral student representative

Petra Åhreus Bäckström, secretary


See Research Groups at LIME


Undergraduate programmes and courses

Vasilis Hervatis, GUA

Maria Appelgren, administrator MMC

Margareta Krook-Brandt, administrator MedStat

Annelie Jonsson, administrator CHE

Marie Lind, administrator HIC

Liisa Olsson, administrator UBE

Doctoral Education

Tomas Månsson, director for doctoral education
Ingrid Smedberg, administrator for doctoral education


Pia Hartzell, head of administration
Petra Åhreus Bäckström, assistant to head of department

Finance Department

Tanja Viekhova, account administrator
Ernesto Moutáfov, finance administrator
Pia Persson, finance administrator

Staff, Human Relations

Therese Wahlström, human relations officer

Helena Ourir, staff administrator
Eva Ohlsson, staff administrator


Ludvig Andersson, IT coordinator
Erik Attoff, IT technician

Communication and web

Marie Dahlberg, acting communication officer, head web editor
Maja Hallerfors, communication officer, head web editor
Marie Lind, deputy head web editor
Alina Lingnau, deputy head web editor

Archive and Registration

Arnold Lindman, acting archive officer
Maja Hallerfors, archive officer