LIME works within several of the strategic areas important to fulfilling the motto of Karolinska Institutet: To improve human health. We focus on research, development and education in Medical Education, Medical Informatics, Medical Management, Medical Ethics, Medical Statistics, Suicide Prevention and Cultural Medicine.

LIME Central Managing Group

Mats Brommels, Department head LIME, Director of MMC
Pia Hartzell, Head of Administration LIME
Niels Lynöe, Director of CHE
Sabine Koch, Director of HIC
Danuta Wasserman, Director of NASP
Nabil Zary, Director of CLK


A major part of the administrative work at LIME is carried out centrally. Each unit/centre at LIME also employs a number of administrators working with research support and course administration. These administrators work directly under the centre director or head of unit.

Economy and Personnel

Pia Persson, Accountant Assistant
Pia Hartzell, Head of Administration
Eva Ohlsson, Personnel Administrator

Undergraduate education

Vasilis Hervatis, GUA
Anneli Bodin, Course Administrator
Margareta Krook-Brandt, Course Administrator

Doctoral education

Ingrid Smedberg, Administrator of Doctoral education
Gert Helgesson, Director of Doctoral level education
Emma Karlsson, Course Administrator

Web and IT

Ludvig Andersson, IT Systems and Support
Erik Attoff, IT Systems and Support


Collaboration between employer and employees at Karolinska Institutet should take place through information, dialogue and discussion at the early stages of all decision-making in the departments´ local cooperation groups, where management and employee organisations meet. The central Cooperation for Development agreement provides the departure points, objectives and policy-basis of KI´s local cooperation agreement.

LIME's Local Cooperation Group/Work Environment Group

 Mats Brommels, Department head LIME
 Pia Hartzell, Head of Administration
 Niklas Juth and Charlotte Klinga, Safety Delegates
 Ronny Sejersen, OFR-representantive
 Hannele Moisio, SACO-representantive
 Emma Wåhlin and Cormac McGrath, Gender equality and diversity coordinators

Work environment

Our work environment is important! Please read more about our work att KI Intra or in the flyers and feel free to contact either one of our safety delegates:

Safete delegate Niklas Juth is seated on floor 3 and Charlotte Klinga on floor 5 in the Widerström building, Tomtebodavägen 18 A, Karolinska Institutet, Campus Solna.

English flyer about the safety delegate´s role

Gender Equality and Diversity

The gender equity and diversity work should be mainstreamed in all activities. The respect for equal value of all individuals and the right to equal treatment irrespective of sex, ethnicity, religion or other faith, sexual disposition, disability and age. This work is a natural part of LIME's culture. Our department is a creative and stimulating work and study environment where everyones talents, experiences and resources are taken care of. We believe that this is a foundation for high quality in education and research.

Gender equality and diversity coordinator Emma Wåhlin is seated on floor 5 and Cormac McGrath on floor 3 in the Widerström building, Tomtebodavägen 18 A, Karolinska Institutet, Campus Solna.

LIME´s local action plan 2013