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HIC´s Aboozar Eghdam is the winner of the KTH Innovation Challenge 2016

16 Aug 2016

Aboozar Eghdam´s project is the winner of the KTH Innovation Challenge 2016 Research edition. His project together with Farhad Abtahi from the School of Technology and Health titled “Gamified Heart Rate Variability (HRV)" has been selected as winner and was awarded with 50.000 SEK. Read more about...
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Maria Hägglund goes to France

14 Mar 2016

Maria Hägglund , researcher at HIC, has been awarded a travel grant from the Institute Français to visit the Clinical Investigation Center for Innovative Technologies (CIC-IT) and the Evalab unit at CIC-IT in Lille. The Evalab lab was the first usability lab dedicated to Health Information...
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MedTech Magazine’s list of most powerful - Sara Riggare in 6th place

03 Mar 2016

Once again, the Health Informatics Centre is represented on the list of most powerful in Swedish MedTech presented by MedTech Magazine . Last year, PhD student Sara Riggare was in first place, this year she’s in 6th place. We are very proud of the excellent work she’s doing! "Sara Riggare är...
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A new doctor at LIME: Dr Nadim Anani

22 Feb 2016

Congratulations Nadim Anani , HIC ´s first PhD student to become a PhD!
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November issue of the HIC Newsletter

10 Nov 2015

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HIC at Stanford

07 Oct 2015

Maria Hägglund and Sara Riggare from HIC participated at the conference Medicine X, read more about it!
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Strategic Alliance for the Advancement and Innovation in Learning Technologies (SAIL)

16 Sep 2015

The SAIL consortium executive group met at Karolinska Institutet in September 14th-16th to discuss future plans for how to collaboratively advance pedagogical innovation through the integration of technology, curriculum and pedagogy. SAIL builds on an already existing framework of learning...

Newsletter from Health Informatics Centre

14 Sep 2015

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Newsletter from Health Informatic Centre!

17 Jun 2015

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Follow Centre for Healthinformatics live at MIE 2015 conference

28 May 2015

Follow Live-updates and get the latest news from Medical Informatics Europe Conference, MIE 2015, in Madrid.

New professor in Medical Ethics

11 May 2015

From may 1st we have a new professor in Medical Ethics, Gert Helgesson, at Stockholm Centre for Healthcare and Ethics. Congratulations!

Newsletter from Health Informatic Centre!

16 Mar 2015

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How to improve quality of care

27 Feb 2015

Publication in thebmj: Patient reported outcome measures in practice Nelson EC, Eftimovska E, Lind C, Hager A, Wasson JH, Lindblad S. BMJ (2015) Online 10 February. Analysis.

HI master student receives the HIMSS Master’s scholarship 2014

09 Jan 2015

Congratulations to our master student Vladimir Choi for receiving the HIMSS Master’s scholarship 2014 enabling him to undertake his master’s thesis as a visiting student researcher at the Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, Stanford University
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Continued research collaboration with Nanjing Medical University, China

11 Nov 2014

On 16-23 October 2015, a delegation from LIME/MMC consisting of Kristina Burström, Niklas Zethraeus, Vibeke Sparring and Mimmi Åström from the Health Outcomes and Economic Evaluation Research Group and from PHS, Bo Burström from the Equity and Health Policy Research Group , visited Nanjing Medical...

Evaluating Improvement and Implementation for Health: new book by John Ovretveit (MMC)

03 Oct 2014

Evaluating Improvement and Implementation for Health Evaluating Improvement and Implementation for Health describes modern evaluation methods in healthcare and policymaking, and challenges some of the assumptions of the evidence based healthcare movement: Are innovations always an improvement? Are...