Medical Simulation

Medical Simulation education, research and innovation is a well-established field at Karolinska Institutet. It encompasses all types of simulation modalities, from computer-based virtual patients, virtual reality, augmented reality to task trainers and inter-professional activities. Web-based virtual patients were introduced at KI in the early 1990s and today they are used routinely in health professions programmes.

Student at clinical training centreClinical training centres (KTC) are present at all the teaching hospitals, aimed at both students and healthcare professionals, where both formative and summative sessions are conducted. The training centres provide training on simulators, mannequins and medical equipment to increase patient safety. Students from different educational programs, as well as staff at the university hospitals are provided opportunities for basic clinical training.

Activities at the clinical training centres include

  • Full scale patient simulator – Team training
  • Image guided intervention simulators
  • Supervised skills training
  • CPR – education
  • Seminars –Workshops
  • Examination – OSCE
  • Innovation and Development
  • Exhibition of new medical equipment

A state of the art clinical anatomical centre (KAC) will soon open at the Karolinska University Hospital.

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