Healthcare Operations Management

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Research in healthcare operations management aims at bridging the gap between what is medically possible and thus desired and what is reasonable within inevitable resource constraints.

The healthcare operations management research group wants to enhance the knowledge on how to plan, coordinate, administer, and deliver care, in order to achieve better outcomes and create value for individuals and their families.

Our vision is to develop new approaches that will enable health care organizations to deliver the best clinical knowledge available in the best possible way.

Research group members

Research Group Leader

Head of department

Mats Brommels

Phone: 08-524 869 30
Organizational unit: Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), C7

Research Group Members

Anthony LarssonPhD student
Carl SavagePostdoc
Catrin HalthurAssociated
Christian GuttmannAssociated
Clara FischerResearch assistant
Fredrik BorgströmAssociated
George KeelPhD student
Göran ÖrnungAssociated
Hanna IderbergAssociated
Ingrid LekanderGraduate Student
Isis Amer-WåhlinAssociated
Jens Jacob FredrikssonPhD student, Graduate Student
Johan MestertonGraduate Student
Johan ThorAssociated
Jonas WinqvistAssociated
Jonas WohlinGraduate Student
Magna Andreen SachsSenior Lecturer
Mairi JuriskaPhD student, Research assistant
Mantas OkasAssociated
Marie Höjriis StorkholmGraduate Student
Mats BrommelsProfessor
Michele MasucciGraduate Student
Nidhi SinghResearch assistant
Olof NorinAssociated
Oskar StrömGraduate Student
Pamela MazzocatoPostdoc
Rafiq Muhammad Research assistant
Staffan BjessmoAssociated
Susanne LöfgrenAssociated
Taina MäntyrantaGraduate Student
Ulrika BäckmanGraduate Student

Financing (external funders)

Vinnova, Vårdalstiftelsen and SLL

Health Care Service and Management